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6 tools to make your content unique

6 tools to make your content unique

You can find the most relevant information and turn it into the most informative article that’s ever been published online, but if you don’t make it unique, you won’t stand a chance of achieving a good rank on search engines. You can give up on the idea of getting your content read by a huge audience. Plus, you’ll jeopardize your reputation as a content writer, since your piece will quickly get slapped down as plagiarism.

Uniqueness is the most important feature of good online content. You need to come up with great ideas that push the boundaries and present something entirely new to the readers. Of course you can let yourself be inspired by content that’s already out there, but you need to combine those ideas into an entirely original concept that contributes to the general base of knowledge on the Internet.

That’s not easy at all. The vibe, style, information, headline… everything should be creative, but the overall product shouldn’t give an impression that you tried too hard. The most important thing to remember is that you should not be creating content for the sake of creating content. You need to define a specific purpose for each and every thing you write. Once you have that covered, you can use one of these 6 tools to come up with great ideas and develop unique articles, images, and video content!

1. Ahrefs Content Explorer

Many writers misunderstand the concept of creating unique content. They think they have to get their computer, close their web browser, and write only the most original thoughts that come to their mind. That’s a good strategy if you’re writing a diary, but it won’t work if your intention is to become a respected online writer. You need to explore popular content and use the information you find to develop something better.

Ahrefs Content Explorer is a mandatory addition to your toolkit. This search engine enables you to discover the most-shared content on the topics you’re interested in.When you discover what type of text attracts your target audience, you’ll be able to add a twist and think of a unique approach to the same topics.

2. Topsy

With this ingenious tool, you can search and analyze the trends throughout the social web. You can specify your search depending on the type of content you’re looking for: everything, links, photos, tweets, videos, or influencers. Then,you’ll discover the hottest trends in your niche, and you’ll be able to attract your audience by providing content they would like to read.

Another smart way of using Topsy is for locating influencers and offering a collaboration.

3. Australian Writings

Creating absolutely unique content is not easy even when you discover the most inspirational online materials. Sometimes your mind doesn’t cooperate and you can’t think of a single idea no matter how hard you try. Nevertheless, you have to make your audience or clients happy by delivering a scheduled post. That’s when you can use Australian Writings – a community of writers that help you develop creative content on any topic. You can delegate any part of the process to the company, which will pair you up with a writer who has knowledge and experience relevant to the topic.

When you join forces with a professional writer, you’ll come up with unexpected ideas and you’ll be able to turn them into unique text that will attract a lot of attention. The service guarantees to deliver plagiarism-free content developed in accordance with its customers’ instructions.

4. CoSchedule Post: How to Write Emotional Headlines

You can’t think of a powerful headline that would grab the reader’s attention? CoSchedule offers instructions on writing unique headlines that readers can relate to. The key is in awakening any kind of emotion. They need to feel like you understand them, and they should assume you have solutions for their problem.

In this online guide, you’ll find a list of 180+ power words that can become part of great headlines. When you can’t get inspired enough, a single look at this list might be the trigger for a genius headline idea.

5. Fotor

When you’re determined to developing unique online content, you can’t focus solely on the words. Take a look at the most popular posts from your niche: they all include visual attention-grabbers, don’t they? You absolutely need to break up the text with some cool graphics or photos.

Fotor enables you to develop your own design for a collage or montage, or use the templates available on the site. You’ll also find a great base of tutorials and guides that will introduce you to the beauty and importance of design. If you don’t like collages, you can use Fotor for simple but gorgeous photo editing.

6. GoAnimate

Now that you know which tools enable you to develop creative content through text and images,there is only one other aspect to cover: videos! The visitors at your blog or website will love seeing a great animation that enables them to understand a topic with ease. Providing a link to someone else’s YouTube video is not enough; you need something original!

With GoAnimate, you can make professional-looking animated videos that will elevate your work. You won’t need to spend hours or days trying to figure out how the software functions. You can make your first video in minutes.

It’s Time to Get to Work!

Writer’s block is a terrible thing. However, there is always a solution to that state; all you need to do is experiment with the right online tools and keep a record of your ideas. These 6 online resources will get you into creative thinking mode. Don’t wait any longer; start developing your unique concept!

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