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5 Ways to Overcome a Negative Mindset And Succeed In Your Online Business

5 Ways to Overcome a Negative Mindset And Succeed In Your Online Business

 Ever since I started my affiliate business, I have seen people come and go. Most of the time, when I see people give up, it is not because they don't have the right tools, or the right training. It is because they have a negative mindset, and they stop themselves from achieving the success that they want in their lives. 

For everyone that I see give up on their dreams, I have seen others succeed with the same training, the same tools, and sometimes even less "potential" than the ones that give up. So, if it isn't in the training, it has to be something inside.

What Separates Success From Failure

Through the last few years, I have watched the people who succeed vs. the people who fail in this business, and the one factor that I see the most is that the people who succeed don't make excuses for failure, and don't blame others for not achieving their desired outcome. They take responsibility for the things that they have, and the things that they don't have in their lives.

We all have excuses in our lives. Excuses that cause us to not achieve all that we can, or that lead us to beliefs that are not absolutely true. However, if you really want to succeed with your affiliate marketing business, you have to adopt a mindset that will help you achieve all that you desire.

Recently, I went through a mindset program by Dr Wayne Dyer called "Excuses Begone!".  In the program, he had a quote that I felt would be fitting here:

"Don't always believe everything you think!"

Not every thought that goes through your brain is absolute truth. Through contemplation, and learning to limit the thoughts that you believe in to only ones that are self empowering, rather than self-defeating, you can honestly achieve anything that you want to in your life. But, you have to start with changing how you think, and what you choose to believe.

Today, I want to share 5 common excuses that come from a negative mindset, and show you how they stop you from achieving all that you can in your business. 

"I don't have enough money."

This is probably one of the most common. However, when I started my online business, I didn't even have the money to pay for my own webhosting. I couldn't outsource anything, and in fact, I had to take freelancing jobs just to pay my basic expenses to run my business.

Letting go of the lack of money, and seeing the abundance of opportunities at your fingertips is crucial if you really want to achieve more success in your life. No matter what you are facing, you can't get there if you limit yourself.

Find a way. You could start up a freelancing service, (you could even do that through the Affilorama Services forum here), you could go to sites like Fivver, and offer services there, or you could strart up a service through your website or blog.

In a program called "Excuses Begone", Dr Wayne Dyer says "Don't ever let the lack of money stop you from realizing your dreams."

For everyone that I have seen say that they don't have the money to spend on their business, I see other people find a way anyway. All you need is $30.00/month for hosting and an autoresponder. It might take a couple of months to build up something enough to start seeing a few sales, but if you can do a little work yourself, you can start making enough to at least cover your expenses pretty quickly.

"I can't get High search rankings"

Hey, we all know that SEO is a huge traffic source, but the fact is that most of the time, SEO simply takes too long to see good results, especially if you are doing everything yourself.

Instead, quit hoping Google will love your site, and start networking with people in your niche. Get to know the bloggers, product owners, and other people who are competing with you. They can give you valuable insight into your specific niche that a general marketing forum won't be able to share.Your competition doesn't have to be an enemy that you fight. Often, they can become your greatest asset to help you achieve the success that you want.

You can find people here from a wide range of niche markets. You can also search for blogs, forums, and groups on social sites where your niche hangs out. Rather than hoping the crowd finds you, take a proactive approach, and get out there and find where your niche hangs out.

"I am not an expert."

There are two sides to this argument. First of all, if you are involved in a niche that you don't know very well, you will probably struggle to succeed unless you can outsource a lot of the work. I always recommend finding a niche that you can follow your passion in, otherwise you are just creating a job for yourself.

I just built a site on Alpha Dog Training Tips, using the Affilojetpacks. I don't really know anything about dog training outside of what I learned through the PLR content, and some research I have done in the local library. However, I was able to outsource most of the work to rewrite the articles and all the link building for the site.

So far, I have about a dozen people on the list ( I just started the site in October, so it is still growing) but I have already made one sale from the email list.

The other side of this is that you don't have to be an expert. When I started my Relationship Marketing Strategies blog 3 years ago, I had been working online for about 3 weeks. I started the blog as a place to share my own experiences and to connect with other people.

Part of why I succeeded in this niche where others failed is because I have never tried to be an "expert". Instead, I use the blog to share my experiences,  what works for me as I continue to grow my business, and refer others to the programs that I have used to learn more.

Although this site hasn't been the highest earning site that I have, it has been the most consistent over the course of 3 years. Now, I am even beginning to create a few of my own products to target this niche, and help others with the experience that I have.

"I haven't seen any results, and its been over a year. This is all a Scam!" 

I see this one all the time, and sadly these are people who are giving up a bit too early. First of all, I can say for a fact that it isn't a scam. Besides myself, I know many people from Affilorama who started here and are now running our own successful online businesses, most of them outside of the IM niches.

Sometimes it takes longer than others, but generally, when I see people not seeing any results, its because they have made a lot of mistakes along the way and they aren't tracking what works and what doesn't. They want everything handed to them on a silver platter, and they don't take the time to test different techniques.

I track everything on my sites. Every link I build, my guest posts, forum posts, and everything else that I do, I track. I watch Google analytics, and if I don't see any results from the work I am doing, I go on and do something else.

For example, a while back, everyone was telling me how much I needed to do on Twitter. So, I did. But, after months of testing, and engaging, and doing all the things I was told to do, I still wasn't seeing results. Now, I still use twitter some, but I don't put a ton of effort into it. Personally, my favorite social platform right now is Google+.

Some of you may be shocked by that, knowing my stance on relying on Google for traffic, but since I started using Google+, engagement on my sites has increased, I have built really great relationships with influential people in my niches, and I am growing my business.

I have had several of my blog posts, and youtube videos shared by some of the product owners and authority figures in the niche, just because of the time I spent networking with them.

But, it all comes down to testing different tactics, different sites, and strategies, until you find what works for you. Instead of taking failure as a personal attack, use it as data on what doesn't work, and try something else.

Personally, I have a variety of sites in different niches, and I approach each one differently. My traffic strategy, style of site, and level of personal engagement is different in each one, based on testing what worked for me.

Until you start testing things for yourself, you will never know what works for you. I can tell you what works for me, but that is about the best that I can do for you. 

"I Can't Write Articles!"

Not everyone is a master article writer. However, you don't have to be a prodigy in order to produce great content. First of all, I would recommend that you look at ways that creating content can be fun and more engaging for your readers.

With all the tools and information available to you, creating content for your site doesn't have to be hard. But, you do need higher quality content than most people I see with affiliate sites are producing.

If you can talk about your niche, you can write content for it. However, most people struggling are in niches that they don't know well enough to do that. Go to the local library and check out 2-3 books on your niche. You can find books there on just about any topic imaginable.

Also, get affiliate review copies or buy the products that you promote. They are full of information that you can use to build your websites better and easier. You can even find a ton of free content in the affiliate areas for most products. I wouldn't use that content as is, but you can use it to brainstorm ideas and find information that you could rewrite to engage your audience. 

Share your opinions and experiences with your niche. find a personal story that you can relate to your topic. Heck, I wrote a story about going to the dentist and related it to how you build an email list.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box, but doing so will help you to build up a following that wants to hear what you have to say.

Stop the Negative Mindset If you Want to Succeed!

All of these things have one thing in common. The mindset that you have will always give you the results that you are focusing on.  Whether you believe you can do something, or you believe that you can't do something, you will always prove yourself right in the end. When you stop the negative excuses playing in your mind, and instead focus on finding a way to do what you want, you will find a way.


If you want to learn ways that you can overcome your negative beliefs, and start achieving greater wealth and success in your life, Check out my Thoughts on Life blog, and let me help you to achieve greater success in every area of your life today!

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  • Reply Rizky • 2742 days ago

    I am a nweibe in network marketing and my advice to beginners is study, read a lot, seek information from more experienced and finally, always work.

  • Reply Dan Miller2717 days ago

    Even if you don't have $30/month for a web host and an auto responder, you can start smaller by using free sites such as Blogger. (the best for free blogging since free wordpress won't let you customize.)

  • Reply kimberly • 2656 days ago

    every webmaster has a phase when he starts thinking negatively and that he is not able to make good progress with his blog. But all the webmasters need to learn to be patient. we need to have a positive approach towards the site. keep working hard and we will definitely see results soon. your article was quite interesting to read.

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