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5 Ways to Make More Sales as an Affiliate

5 Ways to Make More Sales as an Affiliate

1. Create a pre-sales video

A pre-sales video is a great way to get potential customers excited about the product you are offering. 

Make sure to watermark your video with a link to the offer you are promoting.

Even if you don't have a camera you can create a video with a screen capture program like Jing or Camtasia.

2. Offer a bonus that complements the product

If you are promoting an abs product like 60 Day 6 Pack you might want to create a PDF bonus with recipes for getting lean.

Focus on adding as much value as possible.  If writing is not your strength you could create a collection of some of the best links to free abs resources on the net - anything you can create that you can offer as a bonus can help you make more sales.

3. Explain how to use the product 

One of the main drawbacks to buying a new product, and a major reason for refunds, is the fear of and inability to understand how to use a product to its full potential.

By explaining how to use a product you help potential customers overcome the hesitation that they might not know how to use the product they are purchasing.

A video tutorial is one way to offer training for a product; another bonus creation strategy is to develop a cheat sheet summarizing the important points of the information product you are promoting.

4. Use Social Media to spice up your offer 

By installing social sharing features into the page that your affiliate offer is being published on there is a good chance that some people will use these social sharing plug-ins and share your offer with their friends, which could lead to more sales for you. 

If you have a strong Facebook presence, you could post an offer on your Facebook page for fans only. If you want to learn how to build a strong Facebook presence check out my free Facebook tips eCourse!

Twitter is an awesome way to drive targeted traffic to the offers you make and the content you publish.  If you want to learn how to build a massive Twitter presence check out my free Twitter eCourse!

You could create a valuable free report containing affiliate links and share it with your friends and followers on social media.  If your report is very valuable it could go viral and lead to many new leads and sales for you.

5. Do a Webinar with the product creator 

Webinars are a great way to establish a live connection with your prospects. If you can create a strong connection and offer valuable information for free you greatly increase your chance of making a sale. 

The formula for Webinar success is not to simply pitch your product, but instead to deliver massive value, and then ask for the sale. Present the “why” in the webinar and then provide the “how” with the product you offer.

Make sure to integrate scarcity into your offer, by making your offer available to a limited amount of people, or for a limited time only.

For more innovative social marketing tips check out my blog at GarinKilpatrick.com


Garin Kilpatrick

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  • Reply James Pruitt2857 days ago

    Awesome tips. #2 is extremely helpful, and outside the IM niche, you don't see it being used very much. thanks for sharing these wonderul tips.

  • Reply Sandra Bell2814 days ago

    I am learning SO MUCH on your site, and it's hard to get away. Awesome material! Thanks for helping us newbies out!

  • Reply David Withington2799 days ago

    Good information. It's important that things work and the customer gets a good experience. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be happening here. The Facebook tips link in section 4 doesn't work. The Twitter ecourse signup is no longer active. I learnt a lot from the experience of how a customer would react.

  • Reply marky cielo2741 days ago

    Thanks for great content. I saw you blog and really appreciate your effort on helping newbies like me.

  • Reply Karen Blain2740 days ago

    I like the part on using Facebook and Twitter. I am very new at this and just set up a new page for my affiliate business! I am really loving this! All the help in this article is great! Thank you!


  • Reply recession marketing expert • 2642 days ago

    I've been doing steps 1-3 for a while now.
    I've been dragging my feet with Facebook. I know I have to take the next step. Reading this post serves as motivation to do so.

  • Reply Paul Guzman2609 days ago

    Really good stuff. What about PLR content or ebooks could we use them as bonuses or are they a bad idea.

    cecille.l2608 days ago

    You can definitely use PLR content or eBooks as bonuses. You can also use them as a "gift" to visitors who subscribe to your list.

    Have a good day!

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