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5 Reasons Why Your Brand Would Benefit from Online Reputation Monitoring Services

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Would Benefit from Online Reputation Monitoring Services

By Laura Burkey

If you’re successful in business, then you most likely have an online presence. Welcome to the 21st century, right? But do you know where your online reputation stands exactly?

Monitoring your online reputation comes with the territory of participating in the World Wide Web, whether it’s as a website, on social networks, or through a blog.

Tracking conversations about your business is as important as making that sell or wooing that customer who you’ve been chasing for the past few months. The state of your online reputation can make or break your business.

Here’s why:

1. Nothing is hidden.

No business operates in a vacuum, and your online presence shouldn’t either. Posts on a social network are public, regardless of if you’ve removed them. If a negative vibe is out there about your company, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

2. Targeted advertising.

What better way to reach potential prospects and current customers than to speak to them directly. Who has time to call each and every prospect to know what they want to hear? Instead, research your reputation and create a plan from there.

3. React to negativity.

No one wants to hear the naysayers in the world, but we all know that we can learn a lot from them. Those complaints impact your company’s reputation three times more than the same amount of compliments. Why is that?The human race remembers problems. Don’t believe us? Turn on the evening news.

4. Your reputation is your most important asset.

A company succeeds based on word of mouth, which creates the company’s reputation. When there is a positive conversation occurring about your company, it’s imperative to capitalize on that. Use other’s thoughts to drive your company’s offerings, advertising and strategy.

5. Join the conversation.

Bring credibility to your company by hearing what others are talking about in your industry. By participating in the back-and-forth, your company’s name and brand will gain more traction in the marketplace.

By tracking conversations, a company can better understand the buzz(or lack thereof) and engage past, current and potential customers.

The customer service aspect falls into place once a business hears what others are saying, both positively and negatively. Of course, the monitoring is only the first step to improving the brand.

The next step is to analyze and react to the data collected.Regardless if the information is what was expected, it’s critical to the company’s staying power.

So, now there’s just one question: Why aren’t your monitoring your online reputation with Reputation.com?

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