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Thailand Sucks: 3rd World Marketing is Taking Over The Internet and Killing Your Sales

Thailand Sucks: 3rd World Marketing is Taking Over The Internet and Killing Your Sales

Your list is valuable. The bigger it gets, the more money you make. But making your list bigger is not the only way to make more money. In fact, making it bigger alone is weak. Here's why.

You can have a list of 100,000, but that doesn't guarantee that they will buy. You need to know how to convert subscribers into customers. And the better you do that, the more money you make – no matter the size of your list. Here's how:

3rd World Marketing

But first, a peculiar story (you'll see why this is important in just a minute)

It was 2 days ago. The small red truck rolled down the last hill. I sat in the back and watched the scene unfold before me. The white sand and palm trees. The warm sun on myface. Paradise. I had arrived at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand. But, it wasn't quite what I expected.

As I walked down the street, I was bombarded with offers. " Taxi Taxi Hello " DVDs sir, take alook " Massage Helloooooo Massage "... and those are just the family-friendly offers. It was overwhelming. I was drowning in bad advertising. It's no surprise they converted very few customers. Here's why:

They treat you like a walking ATM. You can feel them trying to put their card in and enter the PIN number (they even get mad at the machine when it doesn't give them money )

But honestly, they shouldn't be surprised. That kind of treatment doesn't make people want to open their wallet. But the sad truth is that the modern world is no different. From the time we put on our shoes to the time our head meets the pillow, we are bombarded with marketing. TV, radio, billboards, posters; yelling "Buy, Buy Buy from me!". And the internet is the worst.

Most E-zines or newsletters are nothing but ad after ad. I've been on many marketing lists. They make their customers feel no different than I did in Phuket. But, instead of trying to sell me ping pong shows and fake Prada hand bags, it sounds more like this:

" SEO!!! " Article Marketing sir, please buy. Good price 4 u today " PPC please, come have a look " Sir, cash in with joint ventures or you'll miss out "No, buy this. If you don't, your business might fail "

Obviously, I didn't buy. In fact, I usually unsubscribe before reading a single e-mail. Your customers might be doing the same. Here's what you need to know.

Your list is made up of real people. Not ATMs. Don't send them an e-mail with the same stiff vibe you'd use to call your bank for a money transfer. If you can show them that you are a fellow human, even a friend, you'll have an advantage.

How to Gain an Advantage

A few companies have figured it out.They've realized what works and their sales have soared. Because when so many people are doing it wrong, if you do it right, you pull ahead fast. Remember this:

In every relationship in life, you have an emotional bank account with that person. If you make too many withdrawals, the relationship is stressed. Let me explain.

If you try to hard-sell your list every week, don't be surprised when they don't want to buy. It's like your friend asking to borrow your car every day. It would likely get old fast. Now, if your friend was over at your house fixing the fence and dropping your kids off at karate so you can study, you probably wouldn't mind. But, let's say they don't. How long would it take before you get sick of that? If they just kept saying more, more more- wouldn't you soon want to stop answering the phone?

When they help you in return they make a deposit into the emotional bank account. As long as the balance stays high, all is well. But, if they let that account get too low, you can't help but want to stop talking to them. If you are really good friends, it may take a while, but keep this in mind.

The people on your list don't know you.They have a short fuse for being asked for favors. Every time you want them to buy, you subtract from your account with them. And if that account hits zero, they unsubscribe. Remember this:

For everything you ask of your list, give more in return.

Get that tattooed on your forearm and read it every morning. But, why do I say to give more in return? Isn't breaking even enough? Well, how many sales do you want? Breaking even will keep them from unsubscribing. But you want to make as many sales as possible. Don't you?

Maximize Sales

Here's a true story. Last week I bought a $97 product without even reading the sales letter. And I'm a total stiff about how I spend money. (I keep track of everything I buy on paper – dawn to dusk ) So, why did I drop $97 without even reading about it?

I knew I didn't need to. I know I can trust Construct Zero. I've bought nearly every product they've created. They've delivered nearly every time. And the one time they didn't, they fixed it within 24 hours. I know that I will get a lot for opening my wallet. That is what happens if you give your list more than you ask for.

They see you as an authority and trust you. How would your business benefit from building this kind of relationship with its customers?

When you give them more than you ask, you stack that emotional bank account. And then when you send an offer, they are far more likely to make a purchase. Not only that, ifyou can deliver every time, you've made a customer for life. Here's what to do.

From now on, every time you contact your list, focus on absolutely dazzling them. They should walk away from your e-mail feeling good. Provide value. Help them. You could share a freebie, a helpful video, or just giving them valuable content in text.

Avoid just sending ad after ad. Don't contact them only to check out the latest product. Make sure every e-mail gives them more than it asks for. (and don't be afraid to send a few e-mails that don't ask for anything )

Build a relationship. See your list as real people, give more than you ask for, be a friend; an adviser and watch sales soar.

All The Best,
Dante Romero

Dante Romero shows you how stop these invisible forces that make life a struggle at his website, http://HiddenConstraints.com

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  • Reply Roseanna • 2751 days ago

    I can already tell that's gonna be super heflpul.

  • Reply Ryan Wiley2729 days ago

    That's a great analogy, Dante! I live in Thailand, and I've been "trained." Any time a Thai person approaches me, I put my hand up and say, "No thanks." I don't even know what they are going to say. They could be offering me a million dollars for free...but I'll never know because I can't stand to even let them get started!

    I think email lists can be "trained" as I have been trained living in Thailand. Give them good stuff, and you'll train them to open your emails--and to trust you as a person. Bombard them with BS, and you'll train them to give you the palm!

  • Reply Darryl Hudson2693 days ago

    Hi Dante,

    I really enjoyed your post here (Thank you) it something i've been saying for along time now, it seems that everyone thinks we are walking ATM machines anyway, I call it the Capital One Syndrome..

    "What in Your Wallet?"

    I've been trained not to subscribe to people list for the reasons as you mention above.

    I often think about it, and it goes like this... Just because I downloaded your eBook which is rehashed PLR, most of the times they are, you should eMail three times a day with offers that everybody and their uncle are promoting, ok when I unsubscribe from your list put me on a different list (really) what's that about?

    I have a small list and I do exlactly as you prescribe here, I really try to overdeliver give them more than I take, and alway look for ways of helping them reach their goals ( Because my list come first!)

    I believe that when you truely helping others, then you really help yourself.

    If I learn a new techniques about WP, Videos, HTML, Web Design, Mobile Websites then I'll pass it on to my online list, for offline clients I help them with Advertising ,Hosting, Website Development, Mobile Webites, Google Places, Local Listing things like this.

    This where I can help people in my hometown with skills i've learnt from people that actually help me instead always wanting to take from me because I downloaded your free ebook. (lol)

    Again Dante thank you for your insight here, I know your truely blessed Keep up the good work!

    Darryl H.

  • Reply ArteR • 2628 days ago

    Had to stop and leave a comment.
    Very insightful article and a great analogy of your experience in Thailand. Thank you for giving us something new to think about. Your article shows the way to create meaningful articles that sell.

  • Reply Marc Mendelsohn • 2621 days ago

    Right on. We travel to Mexico quite a bit and are so sick of the constant harassment. We can't even take a relaxing walk without constantly being accosted. When we refuse them they get all aggressive and rude.

    What you recommend with our own lists really makes sense.
    I too have found that I only read things of value. The daily solicitations I receive from SEO companies and bloggers gets placed in the Spam file immediately without even reading it.
    India is one of the worst culprits.
    Thanks for a great article!

  • Reply paulie692602 days ago

    Excellent article. Thanks very much! :)

  • Reply tom freeman2541 days ago

    thanks for your article, even I'm Thai but I agree with this.

  • Reply Peter Coscolluela2532 days ago

    The era of Internet Marketing has just started. Technology has brought the option to purchase software and hardware goods right inside our very homes. We have an abundance of applications and gizmos we can have. We have to adjust accordingly.

    Third World Marketing on the other hand is a product of a perceived cut throat competition. Sellers have stereotyped their customers. Many think that there are a set of sure ball methods to convert interaction into sales. Many have swept the sensitivities of the customers under the rug.

    It is time to put positive customer experience to the fore. There
    should be creativity, originality, and resourcefulness in achieving
    this. Nobody has a monopoly of good ideas and everybody is welcome to inject their own ideas into it. As customers come from different cultures and genres so does the sellers.

    There should be more art imbedded in all of this. After all, art is
    synonymous with beauty. And beauty does not have to conform to anything but itself. This should eliminate the feeling of being mobbed by third world sellers in the internet.

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