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10 Lessons From NaNoWriMo for IM Success

10 Lessons From NaNoWriMo for IM Success

Recently, I took part in a month long novel writing event called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  During this month, I wrote over 50,000 words in thirty days -- the goal of this event.  After having done this successfully for the last six years, I decided to see what I have learned in doing NaNoWriMo and see how I could apply it to other areas of my life in general and to the IM business specifically. What follows is ten lessons I have learned from NaNoWrimo that I think can help me (and you) to be more successful.

1.)  Anyone can win.

You read that right.  Anyone can win.  Anyone willing to put forth the effort can win.  It does not matter how many times you have tried in the past, how successful you have been in those efforts, or if you've never even tried before.  The truth is that people succeed with AffiloBlueprint or the AffiloJetpack (or any other good system you can think of) all the time.

2.) You must have a winning mindset.

Whether it is writing a novel in 30 days, competing in sports, or building an Internet Marketing business, you need to develop the mindset that you can make it.  Many obstacles will come your way, but as long as you believe that you can make it, you will try to find a way to overcome those obstacles.

One thing to note here is that you can BELIEVE you will make it without seeing EXACTLY HOW that will happen.  Especially when such tasks are new to you, you might feel as if little progress is being made.  But as long as you hold onto the belief that you will make it and keep taking action, you will make it.  Which brings us to the next one:

3.)  It takes persistent action over time.

Too often, people will start writing a novel or purchase AffiloBlueprint or AffiloJetpack (or another program), but never get started.  Sometimes, they may work for a few days before giving up.  But it is the ones who keep going and keep trying that make it.  It doesn't matter if the effort is condensed into a few days or over several weeks (With the IM business, weeks or months) as long as you do the things that will get you to where you want to go.

4.)  Set a goal with a deadline.

This is such a Success 101 thing I hesitate to add it.  Yet there is something about having a deadline (artificial or real) that can really motivate you to push through when you would otherwise not take action.  Remember that to be effective, goals must be specific and measurable.  You might make it a goal to have 20 pages on your website in 30 days or to have 1000 links to your website in 30 days.   Whatever your goal is, write it down.  Put it in your calendar, and stick to it.

5.)  Break it into bite sized chunks.

Most people get overwhelmed with everything that has to be done.  The easiest way to overcome this is to break it down into smaller pieces.  This can be as simple as setting a timer for 30 minutes and writing until the timer goes off.  Or perhaps you want to make a certain number of posts in a week.  Whatever big goal you are trying to achieve, break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks that you can look at and say "I can easily do that."  Then, you are more likely to go after that chunk since it's not so hard to do.

6.)  Keep moving.

The biggest mistake that I, and many others I have seen on the forums, have made is making a hand full of blog comments or putting up a few articles, then wait a few days to see what's going to happen.  Those who keep on going, keep writing more articles and more comments, are the ones who make it.  Remember, without action, nothing gets done.

7.) Know the tricks.

In IM, you can find a lot of tricks that may not exactly be "white hat", but aren't necessarily frowned upon... Or may be frowned upon publicly but overlooked in practice.  While it may not be prudent to build an entire business on these practices, an occasional, thought out use might provide the boost you need.

8.)  Chart your progress.

Whether you use a system that someone else has designed or whether you design your own, charting your progress can be an invaluable tool to helping you see when you are making progress.  It gives you something you can point at when you feel down about how things are going to see just how far you have really come.

9.)  Engage the community

Yes, it is possible to be successful without engaging the community.  But when you connect with others, you can see what is working for others.  This can help you from making mistakes.  If you ask for suggestions, really think about the ones you are given.  When you start complaining because things aren't working, but you aren't making corrections that you are being told need to be made, then you could be working against yourself.  Also, finding others to encourage and share in their successes (whether they are ahead of you, behind you, or on the same pace you are) can have the affect of encouraging you back -- even if the one you encourage never responds back.

10.)  Have fun!

When it comes to building a business, this is not something people think about.  And there are parts of running any business that are less than pleasant.  As your income increases, outsource the things that you don't enjoy doing or that take up a lot of time can really speed up your progress and help you to enjoy what you are doing.  Also, when you enjoy doing something, you are more likely to keep doing it.

I have not had the success I have wanted to have over the last year or so since I first started trying to do the IM business.  But I am smart enough to realize that it has been a lack of effort on my part rather than a failing of the system that has been my problem.  As I look at these ten lessons I learned from doing NaNoWriMo, I can clearly see that.

But when I look around the Affilorama forums, I see several, including my brother, who have been successful.  And in reading their posts and in discussions with them, I can tell that they have been following at least the majority of these ten lessons.  Over the next year, I plan to try and put as much effort into working my websites as it takes me to win NaNoWriMo.  I know that if I do, I can join the ranks of those who are succeeding in the IM business. Try following them yourself, and you can join me on this journey.

By the way, if you're interested in learning more success secrets, go to www.SuccessBuildingBlocks.com and sign up for my free report today.

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  • Reply James Pruitt3125 days ago

    Thanks Grady. Good post. Now, if you can just keep it up, and use the writing momentum you built and put it towards your site rather than a novel, and still keep that same monthly goal, you could probably knock all your affiliate sites out of the park.

  • Reply Rachael McNaught3116 days ago

    "Break it into bite sized chunks" and "keep moving"

    Even if people just did these two things their outlook would be so much better! I am in awe at your efforts at the NaNoWriMo, not once, but 6 times! Awesome effort! Hell I've just started the EZA HAHD challenge and my theory for getting through it is just as you wrote. It is not 100 articles, it is just one good article a day (and probably a couple of catch ups :o)

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