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10 Great Ways to Use PLR Articles

10 Great Ways to Use PLR Articles

Hi everyone,

I'm here today to show you how PLR articles can be used to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website and improve your rankings in the search engines.

First of all, I want to quickly explain what private label rights (PLR) content is. The simple definition is that it is content or products that you can claim as your own and edit and use in any way you like. It may just be an article pack of 5-10 articles, or a total marketing package which might include reports, e-books, sales letters, graphics and audio recordings. The only restriction is that you cannot sell it (unless your license gives you resell rights).

A great many of us suffer from "writer's block" or don't have the necessary writing skills or time to produce regular fresh content for our websites or blogs. Hiring ghostwriters can be an expensive proposition, especially if you are just getting started in online marketing. This is where PLR comes to the rescue!

While some PLR sites have no membership and sell niche-based article packs, others are membership-based so the number of buyers is restricted. You are likely to receive much more content from a membership-based site but you may find that some of it is not relevant to the niches you are targeting.

Articles that are purchased from top quality membership sites are written based on extensive keyword research and are optimized for exact keyword phrases to get you top search engine rankings quickly.

You should think about what you will be using the PLR content for before purchasing. This will allow you to choose the content that will be the most useful to you. For example, if you want to create a series of special reports, then an e-book would be a good choice because you can break it up.

There are plenty of sites that provide not just the PLR content but relevant graphics, squeeze pages and sales letters as well. If you plan on creating a product using the PLR, this can save you a great deal of time and money.

If you decide to join a PLR membership site, make sure you find out how many people will have access to the same content as you. If the service you are looking at requires you to share their content with a thousand other members, I would recommend that you look elsewhere. The best PLR sites restrict their sets of articles to a maximum of 300-400 members.

So let's find out how you can use PLR content to help you rake in huge profits.

1. Submit to article directories to build traffic to existing sites

Rewrite at least 50% (75% if possible) of the PLR articles you receive. Now you are probably saying, "Why would I get articles just to rewrite them?" Have you ever tried to write 30 articles from scratch? I've timed it and it took at least 3 days (writing about 10 a day and taking about 40 minutes to an hour to write each one).

Since I discovered PLR articles, a 75% rewrite of the article takes me about 20 minutes (in actual fact it is closer to 10 minutes once you get the hang of it). It is even easier if you make use of some of the excellent article spinning software that is available.

At the end of that article, you would add a "resource box" that contains an "anchor text" link pointing back to your website (anchor text is the keyword for which you want to be ranked in the search engines). Then you submit your article to blogs and article directories. Every site that uses your article must include your resource box, which means that you get one-way links pointing to your site from other pages all over the web. The search engines love this and you will be rewarded with higher rankings!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ezine Articles will only accept original articles, so you should not submit your PLR articles to that directory.

2. Turn it into an autoresponder

Use your articles or break up an e-book to create a mini-course or newsletter series. An autoresponder is a way you can get your subscribers to return to your sites over and over again, and it is an excellent way to build rapport over time (as long as you are actually providing your readers with something of value).

3. Use the PLR material to create your own mini websites and sell your affiliate products from there.

NOTE: PLR articles must be rewritten or you will get penalized for duplicate content. It is also important that you insert your own tone into the content.

4. Take 3 or 4 related PLR products and add them to a larger package. This in turn allows you to sell your original offer for a much higher price.

5. You can also bundle articles into a report that you can offer as an "ethical bribe" for completing the mailing list opt-in form on your website. When visitors subscribe to your list, they get to download the report.

6. Keep your blog fresh with new content by scheduling the publishing of one brand new article every day or even once a week. Publishing fresh content frequently is a good way to build up traffic.

7. Harness the power of viral marketing by adding your affiliate and website links to your PLR eBooks and articles. Giving this content away as a free bonus or granting resale rights will ensure that the viral effect is in place and your eBooks and articles will be around for years to come.

8. Use PLR eBooks to create a slideshow or screen capture video. Use the video to market your product or service on video sharing sites like YouTube.

9. Bundle the eBook with other eBooks on related topics to create a comprehensive home study course. Burn your PLR content onto a CD along with help manuals and checklists, and you can produce a home study course which can then be sold for hundreds of dollars.

10. Convert your PLR content to physical books, which can then be sold on auction websites.

These are just a few ways that PLR may be used to boost your online business. The possibilities are endless...you are only limited by your imagination!!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post; I am really interested in hearing your comments below.

Also, if you would like to learn more powerful strategies for driving a flood of traffic to your website, I recommend that you check out my free 7 Part Mini-Course "The Ultimate Guide to PLR".

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  • Reply James Pruitt2900 days ago

    Those are great tips for using PLR. Thanks for sharing them. I see people using PLR all the time, and failing to rewrite it properly. But, if you take your time, you can do a lot with it. One thing I like to do is take multiple related plr articles and combine them together then rewrite them to make the content even more unique. especially if doing a presentation

  • Reply Jorge Barba2896 days ago

    Just one dumb clarification about this

    "IMPORTANT NOTE: Ezine Articles will only accept original articles, so you should not submit your PLR articles to that directory."

    Does that mean even rewritten PLR articles wont be accepted by Ezine?

  • Reply Nick Vartos • 1839 days ago

    It's better for you to rewrite any plr article before using it for any purpose. You can also outsource the rewriting on fiverr and they will turn your plr article to new unique article. here is the link: http://fiverr.com/ceevservices/manually-rewrite-any-plr-article-of-580-to-700-words

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