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1 Year On: Update From an Affiloblueprint Bbuyer

1 Year On: Update From an Affiloblueprint Bbuyer

 June 2012 - I remember it quite clearly. I'm not sure how I came across Affiloblueprint, but I do remember being more than impressed with the lack of hype on the sales page. Deciding to take a punt, I parted ways with my money and purchased the Affiloblueprint course. This was the beginning of many late nights of alternating between the Tour De France on the television and the sounds of Mark Ling on my computer.

My experience with website building was shaky at best, and my experience with SEO was virtually non existent. I knew how to spell SEO and that was about it. I had built just one website prior to this course which was just an absolute mess. Built on the back of trial and error, it only existed as proof to me that website creation was not my strength. But you always remember your first!

I've always had a theory about internet marketing product creators. Just because they can make hundreds of dollars per day with their system, does not mean that they have the ability to teach their system to you. Being a good internet marketer is one thing, but being a good teacher is something entirely different, and something where most product creators fail miserably.

Because Mark actually has the ability to teach what he does, I've been able to follow in his footsteps. Maybe not to the same level as him, but I'm certainly proof that anyone can succeed in this business with the right teacher and a small helping of dedication.

It took me around a week to go through the entire course. There were so many "a-ha" moments and it all just seemed to make sense. I was pumped and ready to hit the ground running.

So I went back to the start of the course and this time implemented everything that was taught in each module. Little by little, step by step. Because each module was short and sharp, before I knew it I had created a website that I could be proud of, without that feeling of frustration that comes when trying to learn new things. Looking back now it was not my finest work as my skills have improved immensely since then, but it was 100 times better than what I had produced before.

Next came the off page SEO and getting that site to rank. Unfortunately I can't tell you I was an overnight success but I did eventually get there. I took Marks advice and made sure I did all of my backlinking manually, so I could learn it properly and get proficient at it before looking to outsource.

This has also given me the knowledge, insights and experience to become somewhat of an expert in SEO. That just means I have many more options I can explore should I choose to. Quality SEO people are in high demand, so I'll always be able to find ways to add to my income should the need arise.

It took 4 months before I got my first sale (a Clickbank product). After that, the floodgates opened. A short 2 months later (6 months since I started the site) I had more than half of my 47 keywords ranking on the first page, bringing me traffic and sales every day. 3 figure days were not uncommon, and I had also seemed to reach the point in Googles eyes where my site was an authority site. I could make a post on the site targeting keywords with around 1000 exact match searches per month and BOOM! straight to the first page without creating a single backlink to it.

The main reason why it took me so long to get ranking is because of my choice of keywords. Instead of looking for smaller keywords to target first, I just went straight for the big ones, which in this particular niche were around 90,000 exact matches and 35,000 exact matches for the biggest two. That sort of search volume generally takes time to rank for, so next time around I would do my keyword research a little differently.

Although the money was coming in daily, it was certainly not going to be anything to retire off. What I needed to do now was scale. Build more websites in more niches and get them ranking using my new found skills. I knew this is what I needed to do, and I also had complete confidence in my ability to do it.

So in quick succession I had another 3 websites up and running in no time. Then in quick succession I had all of those sites ranking and bringing in sales daily. I would look forward to checking my rankings on Traffic Travis each day, as they always seemed to be improving.

As I write this it is almost 1 year since I first bought this course. The skills that it has taught me have been invaluable to say the least. Website creation, article writing, SEO strategies, list building, monetisation and the list goes on. These are skills that I get to keep, and will serve me well into the future.

Final thoughts

If I can do this anyone can. So often I hear people coming up with reasons why they can't do something, instead of looking for ways to learn how to do it. I knew nothing about acne, but instead of complaining that I can't enter that niche because I know nothing about it, I went out and learned all about it. I can actually write a 500 word article in the space of 5-10 minutes on that particular subject now, where as it would take me 2 hours and lots of filler to do that when I first started. I've also made a few sites about education (I barely passed high school!) and even pregnancy. So again, you can learn any subject matter quite easily if you take the right attitude.

If you are struggling to get things going, remember my story and use it as motivation. Go and spend an hour listening to Marks first video in the course about mindset. All the tools you need to succeed are contained in the course, all you have to do is use them!

Now that my affiliate sites don't require as much of my attention, I've turned to doing something I love, which is helping others find success. I've recently launched my internet marketing blog, aimed primarily at helping people to make money online. Although the affiliate sites are great, it is helping people through my blog that is my passion. You can check it out at incomewithscotty.com

So this time last year I was up late studying Affiloblueprint and watching the Tour De France. This year I can sit back and watch the race, because I've already put in all of the hard work to find success with Affiloblueprint.

Scotty is a paying Affiloblueprint customer. This testimonial was neither asked for nor paid for. You can see more of his work at http://incomewithscotty.com

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