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Why Are Content Cheat Sheets Better Than Pre-Written Articles?

Content cheat sheets (or the less catchy "article research snippets") are a way of getting content custom-written for you.

They make it easy for a writer to create an article for you, which usually means less cost involved. It also makes it easier for you to have a stab at writing your own, as all the groundwork is right there.

In AffiloJetpack 2, we no longer provide you with pre-written articles, because they're simply not as good as the content cheat sheet method.

Here Are the Problems With Pre-Written Articles

  • The duplicate content issue: When 100 people are using the same article, only one of them will rank well in the search engines for it. The other 99 are classed as "duplicate content," which defeats the purpose! Basically...
  • They require re-writing anyway: This can be even harder than writing an article from scratch, and you would often need to employ a writer to do it anyway, so the cost would still be there.
  • They’re not flexible enough to suit your website: The content might not be quite right for your website, sub-niche, or angle. You might have keywords you want to hit, but none of the articles are suitable. So you're either trying to bend the existing articles to fit your topic — which never turns out as good — or you have to get them written from scratch anyway.

Why Getting Your Content Custom Made is a Better Solution

  • There is no risk of duplicate content:  You don't have to worry that 100 other people have the same article as you. Your articles will be one of a kind.
  • You don't need to spend time and money having articles re-written: You also don’t have to worry about tweaking them yourself and wondering if you've tweaked them *enough*.
  • You don't have to worry: Stop stressing over whether the search engines still see your articles as "duplicate content" and secretly penalize you, in spite of your efforts at "re-wording" an article. (Maybe THAT'S why your rankings aren't improving very fast?)

When you get your content created for you (or you create it yourself), you can be assured that all your content is always unique. You choose your topics, you choose your keywords, you choose the style and tone.

But There's a Problem With Hiring Writers...

Normally when you tell a writer to create a 500-800 word article, you'll get a couple of good points, and a whole lot of "fluff" to get the article up to the required number of words.  

This is because (unless you're paying REALLY big bucks for your articles) the writer doesn't have time to do a lot of research.

The average writer charging $20/article needs to be churning out a couple of articles an hour to make it worthwhile financially, so your $20 article will probably have less than 10 minutes worth of research put into it. This naturally equates to pretty shallow articles that aren't particularly satisfying for your visitors. They'll probably think "I've heard this before", or "same old info".

The solution, then: Either pay the writer more so that they can invest more time into research, OR give them the research to begin with.

Introducing Content Cheat Sheets!

Content Cheat Sheets‚Äč

A content cheat sheet contains the research, ideas, structure and gold nuggets of information to help put together really great articles, blog posts, webinars…. basically any type of content you need.

They give you a really big advantage over people who are just getting their articles written the "normal way" (e.g., give writers a topic and let them do their thing).

Advantage 1: Your Articles Will Have More "Meat."

With content cheat sheets, the research and ideas are provided for you, and you can just give these to the writer.

It actually becomes EASIER for the writer to write "meaty" informative content from what you’ve given them, than it is to write "fluff."

Advantage 2: You Get Better Quality Articles for Less Money.

The more expensive writers typically charge more because they devote more time to researching and understanding the topic before they put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

When you use the content cheat sheets, you can give them to less expensive writers and still get that meaty content, ultimately saving you money without losing quality.

Advantage 3: They Are Super Flexible!

The same content cheat sheet can be used to plan a blog post, a webinar, an article, a YouTube video, a free report… whatever you like.

It's the structure and the starting point for a huge array of content. You can also give the content cheat sheets to two different writers and get completely different articles back from them.

So What it Boils Down To Is…

Content cheat sheets are the best happy medium. Super-flexible guaranteed quality, without the risk of duplicate content bringing your rankings down.


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