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How do I change the font on my Wordpress site?

The WordPress default text editor does not offer complete options for controlling text and images within pages and posts. You will need to install a wordpress plugin called TinyMCE Advanced for you to have buttons such as font size, spell checker, undo, redo, etc.

To install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin:

  1. Log in to your Wordpress dashboard. If you are an Affilojetpack member, you can login to your Wordpress site by going to the Affilojetpack members area and clicking on the name of your domain on the right sidebar. 
  1. Click on Plugins > Add New.

Plugin > Add New  

3.  On the Install Plugins screen, under the Search tab, enter tinymce advanced into the Search field, and click Search Plugins.

Search - TinyMCE Plugin

4.  On the Search Results page, look for TinyMCE Advanced and then click Install Now just below it. Click OK on the message box that comes up.

TinyMCE - Install

5.  After the plugin has been successfully installed, activate it by clicking Activate Plugin.


Activate Plugins - TinyMCE  


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