• How do I post on the Affilorama forum?

    To post a new topic on the Affilorama forum, you need to: Log in to your Affilorama account. Go to the Affilorama Forum.   Click the forum...
  • How do I access the AffiloJetpack private members' forum?

    Members who signed up for AffiloJetpack have access to a private members' forum where they can discuss AffiloJetpack-related topics. To access the AffiloJetpack Private...
  • How to follow a forum thread

    To follow an existing forum thread, you need to reply by clicking "Post a reply"     After typing in your reply, tick the box beside Notify...
  • How to edit your forum post

    You can edit a forum post you previously submitted by going to the post then clicking the Edit post icon located on the bottom right corner of your post.   After...
  • How To Add Images On The Affilorama Forums

    The steps below will show you how to add images in your posts on the Affilorama Forums Note: There is image upload button in the forum area. You need to upload or host your...



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