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How do I split an article in two pages on WordPress?

You can add the second page of your article the way you would add a new page or post in WordPress.

As for the link for the two pages/posts, you will first have to put in both pages/posts. Then retrieve the URL of the second page by opening it in your browser and copying what's in the address bar so that you can create a link to it on the first page. If you also want to put a link to the first page on the second page, retrieve the URL of the first page and then create the link where you want it on the second page.

To create the link:

  1. While in Visual mode, first type in the anchor text (say for example "go to the second page")
  1. Highlight the anchor text, then click the Hyperlink button (the one that looks like a chain link)
  1. Paste the URL of the second page in the box that comes up then click Save or OK.

If you are using our AffiloBlueprint or AffiloTheme wordpress themes and in case you want to exclude the second page from the sidebar you need to:

  1. Go to your page (or post) from your WP dashboard and then look at the address bar of your browser. You'll see something like this:

Take note of the post number (which is 94 on this example) as you'll need to enter this on the Theme Options.
  1. Go to Theme Options and enter the number into the Exclude pages from the sidebar field  under the heading Sidebar options (in AB Theme 1.2) or Exclude any posts from the sidebar? field under the Sidebar tab (in AB Theme 2.0 and AffiloTheme).