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I am sticking with Affilorama because I trust them

Their website just feels like a community where everyone REALLY wants you to be a success. It's like they love what they do so much they want to see everybody win.

Dawn Denby

Dawn Denby

I am very, very new to Internet Marketing and read several books about SEO before starting my venture into the marketplace. It was good that I knew very little about what I was getting myself into before I started; I doubt I would have done it had I known what was really involved. It seems everyone gets into developing a website and then decides to sell what they have learned in the process.there are so many people selling "the quick and proven method" to being success online.

Early on, my head was spinning with all the auto responder "help emails" I was receiving from the many sites where I had given my email address. I would go online hunting an answer to one thing or another and there were plenty of people wanting to help me. I learned to take the free advice or video lesson they offered and click off the site. It appeared to me that nobody could be trusted, they all wanted to sell me some miracle solution.

I initially found out about Affilorama from a book Mark Ling is selling on Clickbank. I was seeking relevant eBooks to supplement my product, an online dating book. I went to his eBook Affiliate page and they listed Affilorama as a good place to go to learn more about Affiliate Marketing. Initially, I spent most of my time listening to the Internet Marketing Gurus videos. I learned a great deal from these guys and took notes which I later implemented on my site.

During my keyword research, I was having trouble finding a good keyword tool that was comprehensive and that I could easily understand. I was introduced to Traffic Travis and used the free version for a couple of days. I found it to be the answer to my problem so I purchased the Professional version. One of the most useful (free) tools Affilorama offers is their forum. You know those nagging questions that seem to haunt you? Well, you post the question on their forum and within a day or so you get a very good answer from one of their experts or other forum members. Usually several people chime in to give you their opinion, experience or prospective. The other tool I have yet to purchase and really want is the AffiloBlueprint.. Being on a shoestring budget, I have to purchase tools a little at a time.

I am sticking with Affilorama because I trust them. Their website just feels like a community where everyone REALLY wants you to be a success. It's like they love what they do so much they want to see everybody win.

Dawn Denby - NC, USA


"I have not come across any other "how to build an online business" website that even comes close to offering the information and support that AffiloBlueprint does."
David Hornbeck
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"I told myself I was just going to skim through AffiloBlueprint and kick the tires before the 60-day money-back guarantee period expired, but I was so impressed that I had to force myself to stop and focus on my other work!"
Tom Clark
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"It's refreshing to find a program that could teach me things I didn't know, and could actually make a huge difference to my results."
George Levy
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"It is from using what I learned here that I've managed to earn a full-time income and live life on my own terms instead of simply hoping that the economy improves and businesses start hiring again."
Clayton Terao
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"Before buying AffiloBlueprint I really didn't know much about internet marketing. The internet had always just been a social thing for me where I got news, watched movies, purchased music and generally browsed around. "
Richard Dillon
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