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The excitement at seeing my first sale was indescribable

Before buying AffiloBlueprint I really didn't know much about internet marketing. The internet had always just been a social thing for me where I got news, watched movies, purchased music and generally browsed around.  Read more

Richard Dillon

There are very few courses as good as this

Although it may seem pricey, AffiloBlueprint offers so much more value than the average affiliate marketing course. It's simple enough for newbies to follow step-by-step, yet it also ensures that once you've found success or made your first sale, it can (and will) grow from there for a long time. Read more

Alex Gu

Gave me everything I needed to know about selling stuff online

My name is Alexander. I live in Norway, I go to law school and I am an entrepreneur. Just wanted to give you a bit of my story on my way to financial freedom. Read more

Alexander B


I was surprised to find somebody that genuinely cared about my success

I was actually pretty sceptical when I first heard about Affilorama, but I'm really glad I got over that and became a member... Read more

Sean Morrissy

The only program you need to make yourself a great living online

I just wanted to thank you for changing my outlook on EVERYTHING to do with affiliate marketing. I am a youngin' as some might say, being in this game at only age 20. Read more

Adrian Barrett

It's simple and easy to follow — even if you're computer shy

It covers everything... from setting up a website, marketing it and increasing conversions. It teaches ethical business practices to please all the search engines, and it's taught by an expert who has seen it all and is willing to share his techniques. Read more

Derek Anchan
Mumbai, India


Two weeks to make my first sales! I was so excited!

Affilorama helped me a lot in the areas I needed it most, like creating a landing page. When I started I didn't even know how to upload to a web server. With Affilorama's help, now I don't just create landing pages, but landing pages that convert visitors in to sales! Read more

Jack Vidal

Consistently Making Over $1000 Per Day

I've been an Affilorama member since 2006 and I've learnt so much during my time here. Since going through AffiloBlueprint I've really skyrocketed things to whole new levels.  Read more

Fransisco Brevoort
New Zealand

My online income has increased by 700%

I am now ranking #1 for several of my keywords on Google and Yahoo. My website has only been launched for just over two months so this is amazing to me! Read more

Joan Stalker


This has made my life so much easier

My favorite part of AffiloTheme has to be the squeeze page feature. Ever since I started making affiliate websites I have been trying to figure out the best way to implement squeeze pages and and now they are right there in the theme. Read more

Stephen Putnick

I'm enjoying earning a regular online income - while I sleep!

Not many internet marketing courses stand up to the RESULTS challenge, but I know Mark Ling's Affilorama and Affiloblueprint does!

Read more

Jackson Lin

Able to make enough to leave his day job

Joshua was working as a loan officer in Florida when he started dabbling in affiliate marketing a couple years ago. The first year was a struggle. Read more

Joshua B
Florida, USA


Affilorama has created 100% of my success

Adam was attracted to affiliate marketing because of the potential to earn money without having to hire full time staff and build a traditional business.

Read more

Adam Simpson

I love looking at my website, knowing I did it all myself

For anyone who wants to set up a website to make extra income but doesn't know the first thing about how to go about it, then this is where to start. Read more

Emily McKay

AffiloJetpack really delivers on its promises

Everything that Mark described when he was promoting AffiloJetpack turned out to be true once you got inside... 

Read more

Mario Garcia


I am sticking with Affilorama because I trust them

Their website just feels like a community where everyone REALLY wants you to be a success. It's like they love what they do so much they want to see everybody win. Read more

Dawn Denby

I love the ease of designing the site

I love the ease of designing the site- the page templates are awesome, and I love the clean look of the theme. Read more

Gina Wintermantel

Well researched and is excellently presented

I'm now using what I have learned in AffiloBlueprint to develop a communications strategy and build a new inbound marketing website for a corporate client. Read more

Doug Cairns
South Africa


Worth so much more than it's price

I love the fact that AffiloBlueprint is not just some training created for the owner to make more money. It actually helps you to make good cash.  Read more

Walter Akolo
Nairobi, Kenya

AffiloJetpack: It's all done for you

What impressed me about AffiloJetpack was that this course is essentially all these powerful strategies I have learned from Mark, but all done for you — it seriously takes all the hard work out of it! Read more

Matt Carter
New Zealand

Those Who Commit To This Course Will Make A Killing

Never have I seen a more thorough course designed to allow ANYONE (regardless of experience) to easily make a living online. Read more

Marc Lindsay


You share everything, and hide nothing...period.

There is a TON of information that someone could use (as I have) to make serious money as an affiliate. Read more

Joseph Ratliff

Affilorama provides exceptional content that is kept up-to-date

Affilorama has done a great job of providing an affiliate newbie with enough actionable material to help me change my business model and become a much more profitable enterprise Read more

Lauren Reed

An extremely lucrative business model

I highly recommend this to anyone out there who is serious about making great money from affiliate marketing. Read more

Michael Rasmussen


Complete "newbie" amazed at the progress I've made in a few short months

It was a huge leap of faith for me to buy AffiloBlueprint, but I was happy to discover that it's actually very well suited for beginner internet marketers like myself.  Read more

Rose Fi

I was able to quit my offline job!

The difference between what you will learn from AffiloBlueprint and other coaching programs is that AffiloBlueprint is very focused and easy to follow. Read more

Chrisi Darrington

Affiliate Redirects Rock

Of all the cool features in AffiloTheme, I love the Affiliate Redirects capability. In the past I have never been comfortable inserting my affiliate links into Wordpress posts and pages, but AffiloTheme makes it easy. Read more

Peter G King


Without a doubt, Mark does not hold back

The course has given me a clarity I haven't had before. I am seriously impressed with Mark and his team and the AffiloBlueprint course. Read more

Lewis Fly

helped me a lot to create amazing blog post titles that get a lot of social buzz

One of the strongest features would have to be the Bullet point generator. It has helped me a lot to create amazing blog post titles that get a lot of social buzz as well as really compelling bullet points for my sales copy and squeeze pages. Read more

James Pruitt

A professional WordPress website has never been easier

I love how easy it is to make professional headers for my site using the built in header creator. Thanks to AffiloTheme, making a professional WordPress website has never been easier.. thank you Mark! Read more

Jesus Munguia


AffiloJetpack simply cuts out the learning curve

I bought AffiloJetpack in spite of the high price, and I'm really glad I did because it's definitely worth it for what you get. 

Read more

Adjia Hakem
United Kingdom

The quickest route to launching your first site

AffiloJetpack ensures that you start off on the right foot. I was very worried that my first site would flop, but AffiloJetpack gave me a very confident feeling. I don't feel like I'm walking into the boxing ring alone anymore. Read more

Gregg Colonna

This system makes it pretty impossible to fail

Like a lot of people I guess I was originally nervous about purchasing AffiloJetpack because of the price. I'd tried a few times before to break into internet marketing, but I'd always given up.  Read more

Dean Y


It has saved me a ton of money AND time

I almost didn't buy AffiloJetpack because of the price. But now that I've used it I'd say to anyone else who might think it's too pricey… it is well worth the money.  Read more

Johnny Santiago

The best value internet marketing package I've bought

AffiloJetpack really is a complete package. I have purchased many other supposedly "complete" packages only to find that I had to purchase other things to make it complete. AffiloJetpack is a REAL "complete package".  Read more

Eric Y.

It's hard to find quality content nowadays

The thing that takes me the longest has always been finding quality content that I could be proud to show others. In AffiloJetpack I found the quality of the content to be very good — I can have four full websites set up within a day. Read more

Bradley Burnie


AffiloJetpack puts your mind at ease

I didn't have any previous experience in internet marketing before purchasing AffiloJetpack, so at first I was a little worried that it might not effective or complete enough for me to be successful with it.  Read more

H. Houly

AffiloJetpack is well worth the investment

The quality of the content is top-notch, and you get just about all you need in order to dive into a niche of your choosing.

Read more

Joshua S

AffiloJetpack really cuts down on trial and error

I would definitely recommend AffiloJetpack because it is so comprehensive, but also easy to follow. It is one of the best internet marketing and affiliate courses in the world. Read more

Brian Jackway


Your best opportunity to see results in internet marketing

I have a tendency to only complete two-thirds of the courses I purchase, and then I only actually implement one third of what they teach.  But it was different with AffiloJetpack...  Read more

Brian Stephenson