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I was tired of wasting my money on stuff that didn't work

I told myself I was just going to skim through AffiloBlueprint and kick the tires before the 60-day money-back guarantee period expired, but I was so impressed that I had to force myself to stop and focus on my other work!

Tom Clark

Tom Clark

I had purchased many courses, ebooks, memberships, etc trying to find the "Internet Marketing solution".  Most of them were focused on one aspect (ie. list building, SEO, traffic, PPC) but none of them really put it all together. 

I was skeptical of AffiloBlueprint because the sales copy sounded almost too good to be true. And in the IM world I've learned to trust that instinct. However, I remember the sales copy being very confident. As funny as it sounds, I remember Mark almost DARING me to follow his system and NOT make money. I found, and still find, this to be a brilliant tactic for those of us who have a fear of failure. Even those most shackled to limiting beliefs should be able to accept that challenge.
What really drew me in however, was the notion that Mark does what he teaches, and teaches what he does. The story of him teaching his father how to make money really resonated with me. He made me believe that if I purchased the course I would learn exactly what he does to make money. 

The thing that sealed the deal for me was the fact that I could watch him actually build a website from scratch, from concept to making money. And, unlike others who have tried this, his site is still up, and still operational. It wasn't the cliched "test site" that is created only for educational purposes and left alone after the course is finished.  

Having spent enough time with WSO's and such, I was tired of wasting my money on stuff, so I developed a habit of researching internet marketers before purchasing anything. Mark happened to be one of the guys highly respected by everyone. Even on those boards where they complain that everyone is a scammer, people seemed to respect him, and some even spoke of making money following his system. This got my attention.

Even though money was tight at the time, and I was in the process of completing a very expensive and demanding certification course, I bought AffiloBlueprint — knowing I wouldn't be able to dig into it until after I'd finished my certification. 

I did, however, want to make sure I kicked the tires pretty thoroughly before the end of the 60-day money back guarantee period. I told myself I was just going to skim through and get a feel, but I was so impressed that I had to force myself to stop and focus on the certification course. Even though I had only just started AffiloBlueprint, it had left such an impression on me that I never forgot about it, unlike other unfinished courses that collect dust on my hard drive. 

The thing I like best about AffiloBlueprint is that it is very thorough AND very easy to follow, which is extremely rare. AffiloBlueprint is the simplest course I've ever been through as far as explaining concepts, topics, and processes. Everything is crystal clear, and I believe it's a solid, honest, real life, approach that actually results in making money.  

I've wasted enough money on products that were less than impressive. This course is the real deal. If you follow the steps, and do what is taught, you will see results.

Tom Clark - WI, USA


"I have not come across any other "how to build an online business" website that even comes close to offering the information and support that AffiloBlueprint does."
David Hornbeck
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"It's refreshing to find a program that could teach me things I didn't know, and could actually make a huge difference to my results."
George Levy
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"It is from using what I learned here that I've managed to earn a full-time income and live life on my own terms instead of simply hoping that the economy improves and businesses start hiring again."
Clayton Terao
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"Before buying AffiloBlueprint I really didn't know much about internet marketing. The internet had always just been a social thing for me where I got news, watched movies, purchased music and generally browsed around. "
Richard Dillon
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"Although it may seem pricey, AffiloBlueprint offers so much more value than the average affiliate marketing course. It's simple enough for newbies to follow step-by-step, yet it also ensures that once you've found success or made your first sale, it can (and will) grow from there for a long time."
Alex Gu
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