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Where to hire content writers?

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Where to hire content writers?

I'm looking to diversify my portfolio of sites outside of the current niche I work in. The thing is, I have absolutely no idea where I could find/hire a good writer who could do software reviews, game strategy guides, health product related articles.

I use Elance but i havn't had success finding content writers for every niche there. Any tips would be great.

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Hi Tinkywinky.

You might want to try Mark's recommended Elance Writer : )

You may also want to check out other outsourcing websites such as Odesk, or contentdevelopmentpros. Just make sure that when you post a job offer, ask prospective contractors to provide you with sample work they've done, just to make sure that you would be able to gauge the standards they are capable of.

Another alternative would be to hire students from good universities, preferably journalism or writing related majors, if you can find any : )

Oh, and you might also want to check out some of our members who also offer content writing services, you'll find some of them on the forum, and some have already been getting good feedback from other members....

Hope that helps : )
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You can also try oDesk.

But I would advice against hiring the same writer for all niches/writing projects. While a really good writer could potentially write about anything, he would still have a forte. It would be better to hire a writer whose forte is the niche for which you need something written. What I mean is one for software reviews, another for game strategy guides, and so on.
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You can also look offline. I have had my best luck going and finding local college students. I usually pay them about 15/article, but they research, write and spin them for me, so I get it all done in one place.
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You can try Digiblue

Great quality.
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