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Question on product review

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Question on product review

I have a question. Is it best to publish a product review as a regular post on your blog or as a separate page on your navigation bar?
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This is a matter of preference really. Both ways can work well. Personally, I prefer product reviews on separate, single pages since this way, visitors can easily browser through these pages on the top menu :)
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It all depends on how you want your site to appear. For easy viewing and navigation, and to depict order, I'd also suggest that you go for a different page for your product descriptions. This enables your site's visitors to differentiate between normal content and the product descriptions
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I agree with the responses here. Where you position your product descriptions on your site is all up to you. I also like them on a different page to avoid having a chaotic mess if you confuse everything together. Just as I said its your choice, you can as well go for combining them if you feel accessibility matters to you most
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I had clients who asked me to do both version of that really. I do not see how it may happen really here for some other things than that, but you can have some review pages even in pop up windows or e-mails newsletter. It's all matter of conversions there.
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