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Need help from all Affilorama members

aveya marketing
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Need help from all Affilorama members

Hey everyone

The biggest problem i know a lot of people stumble on including myself is content creation, so what i have done is arranged an interview with a dog expert in the dog training and food niche. so i need some help from everyone to brainstorm/poll. Questions i can ask the expert in that topic.

Thanks for all your help
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I suggest that you join forums related to your niche and post your questions there. I think you'll find more experts on dog food and training on those forums.
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Following on Michelle's suggestion, you can browse through dog training forums and see what questions are unanswered or people have trouble finding the answer for and take note of those. You can then in turn ask those questions to the dog expert you invited.
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There's a great resource that aggregates all the conversations going on online. It's Put in a search term for your particular niche and there's somebody talking about it...You'll love it.
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