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Is there a word limit in content for ranking

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Is there a word limit in content for ranking

Is there any specific limit of word in a content that will help you to rank in google?
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Hi Mishra,

No limit to the number of words, as long as the content is really good and helpful and unique, then you will get interested readers. For SEO purposes, you may want to create around 1200-2000 words for your articles and around 500-800 for your other content pages to rank them well.
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No word limit to create contents for the sake of ranking. It all depends upon the backlinks used in contents. We can use minimum 2 to 3 backlinks in article of 500 words and 4 to 5 in the article of 1000 words.
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Usually, long form content get more backlinks. I suggest 500 words is the minimum words per document to rank well in the search engines.
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There is no limit for the content as the content is unique. For SEO, it is ideal to have 2000 characters.
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