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How do you find content and content writer?

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How do you find content and content writer?

I am a newbie. I am not creative. Still a little confused on finding someone to write my content for me. If you have had someone else write your content for you, could you please let me know what avenue you used and were you satisfied with it. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me. Bonnie
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Hi Bonnie,

Personally I like to write my own content. But in the past I used iWriter to get content. It's pretty easy to do. But I don't know if they still recommend it here in Affiloblueprint. I'll have to check it out.

I know they have Affilojetpacks here with articles and all already written. But it can be expensive and you have to rewrite the articles to be original on the internet and not a copy.

There is also a site like where you can get content really cheap but you also need to rewrite it.

Hope it can help you
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I would recommend a specialist site such as where you can choose from a range of writers.
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When you're first starting out, I highly recommend you write your own content. However, if you do decide to purchase content, remember that what you pay is generally what you get. I typically purchase content form It's the only place that has consistently delivered high quality content for me. I also have a writer I found on (formerly that has been working with me for about 9 months now.
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I found a writer on who writes for my niche. I think this makes a difference in the quality of your content and how engaging it is because it's what she is passionate about and you can tell from reading her articles. Go to upwork and search for your niche+writer or +blogger and see what you come up with.

If you need filler content for like a web 2.0 that you use to drive traffic or backlinks then you can use (or use my affiliate link ==> :)
You can also use them to rewrite your jetpack articles as a start and they have decent rates even for the 4-5 star writers. Good luck
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Creating quality content, interestingly, the work of your work is the most important thing for you to get a natural backlink
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Hi Bonnie

Finding writers that write at a consistently high level can be a challenge especially if you have a limited budget. As in life the same is true for writers, you get what you pay for. I struggled at first too find writers and then just decided to do it myself and have become quite a good writer for the niches that I am in. However I know not everyone has the time or appetite for writing.

You may have to shop around a bit until you find a good writer on iWriter or any of the other outsource services. If you want to build an authority site with quality content then you will have to look at investing time/money in generating the content. If you are looking for blog content on a regular basis then using less experienced, cheaper writers should be ok. Just make sure to do your basic spelling and grammar checks.

Hope this helps. I have been in the game for a while and is happy to assist.
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Hi Bonnie,

Funny you say "not creative" because a lot of marketers feel this way, but there are different types of creativity. Sometimes the most creative people get it totally wrong!

It's more about understanding your audience than it is about being creative. Even if you don't write your own content, you still have to come up with topics that are going to really appeal to your audience.

So if you choose to hire a writer, from UpWork for example, make sure you've got a really clear brief for them. Look at forums and blog comments to see what your audience really wants to know, and give them answers in your content.

There's a lesson on figuring out what your market wants here that could help you:

Then, if you hire from Upwork, search for your niche topic + "writer" to find options.

Pick someone with a good success rate on their jobs, and read their profile to get an idea of their writing skill. If they have grammatical errors on their profile, for example, don't use them. But if they seem well-written from what you can see, give them a go.

Just start with one job, one article for example, to see if you like them before hiring them for more of your site's content.

Hope that helps. :)
- Gina
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