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AMA Videos and other article spinners

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AMA Videos and other article spinners

Hi guys,

Mark mentioned 2 videos about AMA but I can't find them for some reason.

Is it still the method of choice for spinning and uploading articles, are there any better or cheaper ones since AB 2.0 was created?

Thanks in advance

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If you look on the page with the videos where he discusses the AMA videos (AB week 6, I think), you will find the link to the AMA videos in the upper right corner of the page in the extra resources for the week.

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Yes, Grady is right. The AMA videos are in Week 6 of Affiloblueprint. You'll find them on the right column under "Resources for this week".
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alexkerr wrote:Is it still the method of choice for spinning and uploading articles

Yes, it is still the one that Mark recommends for Affiloblueprint. There have been others but only because some members wanted alternatives. But our main recommendation is AMA.
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as far as networks are concerned, AMA is one of the better ones. i don't personally like blog networks, but that is largely for reasons that are outside of the network owners control. if you just want a good spinner for spinning articles for directories and web2.0 sites, i recommmend Matt Carter's Rapid Rewriter. it is a great spinner for creating your content. if you dont want to do the monthly fees of a network just to use the spinner, this is a great alternative. it is comparable to the ama spinner on steroids.
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