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Yahoo Site Builder

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Yahoo Site Builder

i see people talk about either xsitepro or wordpress here. Can anyone tell me how Yahoo Site Builder stands to the test?? I have previous experience with it. I have used it during the geocities era and had made quite a page. Is it still any good?
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Most of the people in this forum have not tried Yahoo Site Builder yet. The reason why we recommend XSitePro and WordPress is that both software are good for making affiliate sites. WordPress for example, has a lot of plugins and themes specifically created to help affiliate marketers.
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Yahoo Site Builder is free, which may not offer very good support in case you need help with the design aspect or SEO optimization.
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Well, Wordpress is free too. :)
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I'm not really familiar with Yahoo Site Builder and as you said, people here almost talk about either XsitePro or Wordpress is because it's proven and tested in terms of website building.

Xsitepro web design software allows you to build the most complicated sites and maintain then with just a few clicks. While wordpress is the most commonly used and it is very easy to manage.
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Yahoo Site Builder was one of the earlier web design tools that cater to newbies. It's basic but you need to have at least some HTML knowledge to get good results from it. My experience with it was very brief because I moved to using Dreamweaver whose interface was much easier for me.

Then Wordpress came with its flexible themes and plugins and I moved on to there. :)
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Yes,Cecille is right. If you just want to build a simple website, or have little knowledge about the HTML, a good choice is to choose a simple CMS software. You know small business or simple website usually do not need the complex software such as thte Joomla, Wordpress, although it is free. Simple CMS software is enough for simple website and small business. That is why I create the ControlCentral.
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Don't even waste your time with Yahoo Site Builder. Wordpress is so highly customizable that you can do anything from simple sites to complex commerce and membership areas.
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Yahoo site builder was clumsy and hard to use last time i tried it. of course that was back in 2002, so it MIGHT be better now. But, wordpress is easy and free. I would use it if I were you.
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