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Wordpress hacking

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Wordpress hacking

Hello to you all. Im new to this site and the whole affiliate marketing thing.

Anyway, i think i have found a niche to go for, i have a domain, installed wordpress, and now i need to start writing articles. But im a total noob when it comes to editing html and building websites, wich is why i installed wordpress. I found a cool adbuilder at clickbank wich generates top paying ads for spesific keywords. Now all i need to do is insert the code to my site. And that´s the problem, i thought i could just edit index.html and try my way to find a good spot for the ad, but since wordpress uses .php i have no idea what file to edit.
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Why dont you just write articles and then have anchor texts linking to affilaite offers? Log in to your wordpress account:

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Hacking Wordpress can be a nightmare, even if you do know how to edit HTML and CSS. It gives me headaches.

It really depends on where you want the code to appear. If you want it in your sidebar then you'll have to look for a file called sidebar.php, but even then it might not be what you're after. One tip for inserting stuff like that into the sidebar is to get a theme that has a "widget-ready" sidebar. Then you can insert a "custom text" widget, which can contain your code.

If you want it to appear somewhere else on your page, you will generally have a bunch of pages to edit, depending on whether you want things appearing on your home page (home.php) your "single post" page, your archives page, or whatever.

= Nightmare!

You can also usually paste the code into an individual page/post by sticking it into HTML view when you edit the page. But that's really messy!

With AffiloBlueprint we had our own custom Wordpress theme developed which keeps things simple, but you have to be a member to get that :(
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Are your changes not showing up on your website? Try doing a hard refresh!
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I would try and edit Sidebar.php but first ensure you keep a copy of the original first.
Take a look at how it is structured, and add your code.
I have added the HopAd from CLickbank tabbed script to my sidebar and it works beautifully.
If you need a hand to install it, leave a post here and let me know what theme you are using in your blog. If I can find the exact theme you are using, I'll be able to show you exactly where to put your script and how to fill in the required fields.
That's if you still need the help.
Good luck
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