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Would someone please clear this up for me? I purchased the Blueprint premium package and made my way through the 154 page Issue 1 Premium Magazine. appeared to be promoted due to it's ease of use, tools, etc. I agree, I have a site for a completely different business.

So, I'm trying to finish up the free lessons before I dive into Blueprint just read this in the Bonus Web 2.0 Tips lesson "If you want to use a blog to promote products, don't use - go to Blogger or Yahoo360 (or similar). That said, is still very popular; it has a huge fan base, an excellent Alexa ranking and it gets indexed very quickly."

Is this old information or is this still true? I understand you don't obviously hard sell, it just won't work. Informing, educating with links to product(s).

Just need a clarification please, and thank you in advance.

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Hi Jim,

Still true, don't build your business on the free platform. It's great to get started, learn, etc., and making the switch to your own self hosted Wordpress site is easy.
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Hi Jim,

The information on selling/promoting on holds true. does not allow their users to promote or sell products on a site. Most hosting comes with the Wordpress install anyway so you can self-host your site easily.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Here are a few links to read that might help.
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