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Wordpress and H1 tags

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Wordpress and H1 tags

Hi All,

I'm using the "AffiloBlueprint" Theme and using the "PPC Template" to create my landing page.

I want that my keywords will be in H1 tags.

How do I define H1 Tags in Wordpress? (especially with "AffiloBlueprint" Theme)


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Hi Nir,

With the AffiloBlueprint Wordpress theme the title of your post or page is automatically displayed in H1 tags.

I don't know about the PPC template but if you "view source" and search for the <H1> tag, then you'll be able to see if your keywords are in the H1 tag.

Hope that helps,
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Also, if you're using the WYSIWYG editor, there is a drop down box where the default is "paragraph". If you click on that, you can get the option for different header tags from within your post/page.

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with wp just use the title bar, it is automatically in h1 tags
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