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Why does No One Buy from My Website?

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Why does No One Buy from My Website?

Hi everyone,

I have been advertising on Google Adwords is one week, but why no one buy on my website
My website :
Please, tell me what do I do

sincere grateful
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Hi strongduc,

There are many factors to consider when you're not able to convert the traffic to your site into sales. For your site, I think it's the design and layout. I can see what you would like the site to look but it's not working at this time. You might want to change the site from 3 sidebar to 2. Instead of having the blogroll on the side, you can place that on the top as part of the menu under the header. This way, you can put the ads on the sidebar. I also suggest using a sleeker, more space-saving social media button like the Slick Social Share. The one you're using now occupies the right-hand part of the page, adding to the distraction on the site.

I suggest you look at the Google Analytics for your site. Which page do you get the most traffic on and where do they go after that? Are you ranking for your keywords with buyer intent?

Hope that helps. I will be transferring this to the Website Building section of the forums so that other members and Affilorama staff can give you feedback.

Have a good weekend!
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strongduc wrote:Hi everyone,

I have been advertising on Google Adwords is one week, but why no one buy on my website
My website :
Please, tell me what do I do

sincere grateful

Maybe no one came via your Adwrods campaign.
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Your site looks like a content site so if you are building a content site you need to build a lot of content, pages and pages of helpful, useful content.

I didn't see anywhere to buy anything at first, you need to make it clear, "this is what this site is about", "this is what you can do here", "this is why you should do it", and "here's the order button to buy something".

If it is a content site (articles, guides, videos, etc.) then you need to build up a following not just try for a one off quick sale (not going to happen very often if at all). So build an e-mail newsletter and build up your content and not just other people's content.

For PPC you need to match up the AD-keyword to the AD-copy to the Landing Page to the Offer.


Buy Weight Loss Extreme 2.0

AD-copy (just an example)
Buy Weight Loss Extreme 2.0
Sick of your love handles? So are we,
Get Weight Loss Extreme 2.0 Now!
Before it's Too Late You Fatty!

Landing Page
Headline - No one wants to see your love handles anymore! Introducing Weight Loss Extreme 2.0
Stop pinching that fat and start burning it off today... blah blah blah benefits, and your dreams come true...
Landing page has big picture of product.
Landing page has big order buttons.
Landing page has trust factors.
Landing page loads with no errors.

The Offer
Here's what you get...
Weight Loss Extreme 2.0
Bonus: Weight Loss Extreme 2.0 carb tracker
Bonus: Access to the members forum
Bonus: A 60 page e-book on proper nutrition

the end.

Did your PPC campaign do any of that?
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