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Where to install code for Google analytics?

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Where to install code for Google analytics?

Hi guys

Quick question, where can I install google analytics code for tracking my site?

I have logged in to google analytics and got the code, but now I am not sure where to put this. Do I need a plugin to do this? which is the best recommended one?

I read somewhere that you can install this in the header also or you can even post it in every post/page on your site..

What is the best way?

Many thanks..

P.S. - I am using thesis theme
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I haven't played with the Thesis theme myself, but I imagine they have a scripts area in the admin panel somewhere. You can just paste your GA code in there.

I also found this. Might be a bit old info, but it sounds about right. ... analytics/
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You can use plugin witch offers GA access and helps you work on your SEO (search engine optimization) ... I've just started and I'm glad I did
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