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Where Is My Affilorama Domains Account?

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Where Is My Affilorama Domains Account?

Hi I inadvertently purchased a domain name @ GoDaddy
i am trying to change my name servers and have no idea where to find my Aff. Domain acct
Ethel Black
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samuel 45
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Just go to and click on Support. Tell them your problem. They will need verification you are a client but they will help you.
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Hi Ethel,

I'm not sure what you mean. Affilorama Domains ( is a domain register lie GoDaddy. Are you saying you have hosting with GoDaddy and need to change your domain nameservers on a domain you bought from Affilorama Domains?

If so, you may follow the steps on the following FAQ:
How to change nameservers on

If you registered the domain name through GoDaddy and need to point the nameservers to Affilorama Domains hosting, then you need to get in touch with GoDaddy for information on how to change the nameservers from within your GoDaddy account.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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