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Where do i find Google in my harddrive?

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Where do i find Google in my harddrive?

I'm using Dreamweaver to build my website. I want to be able to preview the build against Google. the Edit Browser" window displays automatically with the field completed as follows:- C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache\iexplore.ex…
i don't use iexplorer i use Google,so I did a search for "....... google.exe..." = nothing found. I did a web check but it seems a google.exe is a virus. so........ i have no idea where to go from here. All help is greatly appreciated.
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Google is your search engine. Dreamweaver sends your page to your Browser. You won't see your page/site on Google until you search for it on Google and it is ranked.

Therefore, use the default browser setting in Dreamweaver to allow you to see you page.
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I think the OP means previewing a site from within Dreamweaver in a browser, e.g. Google Chrome. I dont use dreamweaver so I dont know how you setup different browsers fro the program to preview pages in. Perhaps install Google Chrome o your PC< then make it the default browser (in windows), it should ask you this when it first starts. If you want to go back to having IE as your default browser, it should also ask you this.

EDIT: try this ... -7c76.html
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Hi jhonrtin,

Perhaps you simply need to edit the default settings in your DreamWeaver and set it to open your preview pages at Google Chrome. You do not need to go to the Windows program files and look for the .exe file of Google Chrome.

I hope that helps!
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Using the "Preview in Browser" tool will show you what the page will look like when it is loaded in Google. You have to add Google as the browser before you can preview a web page in Dreamweaver.

Please follow these instructions: How to Preview a Dreamweaver Website
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If you can't get the browser added in Dreamweaver, it's very simple. Click preview in browser. When it opens in IE, copy the URL and paste into Google Chrome.

You could also just browse to the page using File > Open in Google Chrome...
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