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What's Your First Impression When You See My Site?

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What's Your First Impression When You See My Site?


What is your first impression when you see this website:

Many thanks,
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I took a look at your site. It has all the right stuff. However it doesn't want to make me look at if for very long. I am visual so I look for images. Your images of the products are good.

If I wanted to learn a foreign language, I would want to visit there someday or be able to converse with someone that speaks that language.

So you may want to consider uploading images of France for speaking French... or a pretty/handsome French girl/guy.

If the image is for information place it on the left side. Your eyes will be drawn to the image thus aiding the flow of reading from left to right. If the image is a link place it on the right side this will create tension because your eyes want to move to the left to continue reading but the image is on the right and your eyes want to look at it. Better chance of them clicking on it.

Hope this helps. Nice site by the way

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samuel 45
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Increase the size of the text overall. Your site is kind of bland. I agree images will help.
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I agree with the comments above. I think you need to change your text- it's too small and seemed too crowded.

I also think you need to have a more appealing header that will define what your website is without even reading what the site is about.

I also think adding related plugins/tools like a universal dictionary or perhaps a translator tool will add appeal to your viewers.

And yes, you need to add more images to your website.

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i'm into languages (on a personal level) and I liked how I didn't feel bombarded or overwhelmed with information or cheesy sales lines, the text is great and it all flows, you give off the impression of someone passionate about culture and language. I would buy through you!
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