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What's the best template for an affiliate website?

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What's the best template for an affiliate website?

Hi all,

I am just trying to work out the best way to go about building my affiliate website and am considering the merits of the following:

A 1 page product review site with a relevant keyword domain

A small multi page product review site with a relevant keyword domain

A blog that has multiple product reviews with a generic Keyword domain

The question is should I build a new site for each product or should I build a generic blog that brings all the reviews together irrespective of the type of product.. (so ends up being a 'Review' site of anything..)

Anyone got any thoughts on this?


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Hi Jaime,

For me I would prefer one website for one product. This way, it's more organized in terms of finding appropriate keywords for each page, optimizing your pages, building links; and tracking results.

If you are interested in promoting a lot of products, you may categorize your products according to their type- e.g. health, beauty, software, technology. You can build one website for each category and have a lot of products into your pages as well. This way, no matter how many products you put into one website, you are still organized.

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Hi Jamie,

I find that "authority sites" last longer and fare better in both readership/following as well as search engine standing these days. So I would pick a niche, like health and wellness for example, and promote products in that niche on my website. The content of the site will also be about health and wellness. The content can range from informational articles to product reviews/recommendations. With sites like this, you can recommend/promote several products. The only catch is they all have to be on the same niche, or related niche.

Hope that helps. Have a good weekend!
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You definitely want to build an authority site. Yes, it takes time, but so does creating 100 different little sites that are constantly getting squashed by algorithm updates. Think of an authority site that over years will grow to tens of thousands of visitors per month with each new page easily outperforming any small sites. The affilo theme for Wordpress has gotten better with each update.
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