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What is your opinion of my site?

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What is your opinion of my site?

Please can someone have a look at my site. I don't think it currently has a good sales letter. Thanks

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is this an affiliate site or a sales page? theres no information, only a bunch of testimonials. if it is an affiliate site, it needs to have information about your recomendation.

also write some articles on the types of service you are promoting, perhaps write about popular vacation destinations. Do some research and figur out what people are looking for when they want that type of service.

I am not trying to be harsh, but when I look at a site like that my brain screams SCAM and I hit the back button fast.
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I found it hard to understand. I did noticed that there are a few spelling and/or grammar errors.. I don't know what the connection is between 10 top Hotels sites and search for the cheapest hotels from a click of a button. I couldn't tell where the hotels would be. located The ratings don't really mean much they are just stars and don't relate to anything. It is a start though and there is always room for improvement no matter what level you start at. Good work
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Yes, the site needs some work.
I would definitely take the "Hosted free by godaddy" of the site.
Hosting is so cheap these days, get a paid option or sign up for Affilorama premium if you can afford it and you will get access to Free hosting and alot of other resources that will teach you how to make a great site.
Sorry for the promo, but it is true.. affilorama is the best I have seen.

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I think your ad copy is both too short and too personal. I'm glad your wife liked Rome, but how does that move me to click the magic button. I like the graphics at the top but on my browser (Firefox) the paragraphs are too narrow with a lot of wasted space on either side. Still, good luck on a good idea.
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