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What Is CMS?

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What Is CMS?


Nowadays, everyone wants to create a website that does easy to update. But there are many online business owners who have no idea about content management system.

Non technical persons can search these common queries about CMS:

    How CMS Actually Works?
    Why are CMS based websites gaining popularity?
    What are the unique features of CMS?
    What are the benefits of Owning a CMS Website? Or Why do I need a CMS based website?
    Which industries should definitely have a CMS Website?

The following infographic helps answer the above questions about CMS:

I invite more people to share their views in this thread about CMS, best software and industry.

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Hi Amit,

Thanks for sharing! I edited your post a bit so that the actual infographic is displayed. It is linked to your site's article so anyone viewing the infographic can click on it and will be referred to your site.

The best CMS for me right now as far as site building is concerned is Wordpress. It is so easy to get a site up, and to customize it. The interface is user-friendly and there are hundreds of plugins to use. Gone are the days when I had to slave away at coding. :)

Have a good day!
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Awesome infographic! Now no need to go for designer and developer to make a little update in your website, if website is custom and features rich CMS based that is easy to operate even for a non-technical website owner.
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Great Post, CMS (Content management System) is computer program that allows publishing, modifying and editing content. It is used to run website related blog and news.
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Nice Post shared above thanks for this.Content management platforms that helps in publishing, modifying and editing content.
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CMS is nothing but a software abbreviated as Content Management System. it is an application for the web design which is usually used to add, edit and manage the content of a website. This system is used by the non technical user, content management system is used for many purposes behind the scene like tracking the users, make content searchable and indexable and also provide security settings.
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Great review.. And i see about your info-graphic that's awesome looking..
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