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What factors affect the loading of a site?

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What factors affect the loading of a site?

I want to know the factors that affect the loading of a website in general. Some say too much of 'graphic content' does impede with site loading. What about too many videos? And finally how to retain the visitor on to your website until it loads?
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There is a lot of information here: ... ules_intro

You can also run your site through the test and see what factors come back as affecting your page speed.
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Hi kallayprasanth05,

Aletta gave some helpful pages that you can go through for information on the various factors that slow down a website.

Moderation is key here, I think. If your site is filled with ads, particularly flash banners and javascript, then you can expect your site to be slow, even with a caching plugin installed. Always remember to optimize the images on your site, and limit the ads on it as well.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Tips to Optimize Page Load Time

    Optimize Image Size
    Image File Format
    Avoid Text Graphics
    Avoid Unnecessary Plugins
    Avoid Inline JS and CSS files
    Optimize Caching
    Place JavaScript at the end of the Document
    Avoid Redirects
    Reduce DNS Lookups
    Remove Unnecessary CSS and HTML
    Avoid Multiple Tracking Scripts
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