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What do I need when building a website?

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What do I need when building a website?


1, CONTENT FIRST PRIORITY?? so, I'll building useful content (Do not advertise products) and try to share and SEO it
-> is it OK
2, How many backlink is reasonable???
3, What factors determine the ranking of my site on SEO offpages?
Thank in advance for help :)
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1, CONTENT FIRST PRIORITY?? so, I'll building useful content (Do not advertise products) and try to share and SEO it
-> is it OK

I am not sure why you would want this: If you won't promote your products in your articles, how can you earn from your website? You can publish useful content and promote at the same time. You can refer to our blog posts here to get an idea how we make our content and at the same time promote our products:

2, How many backlink is reasonable???

No specific number. The number of backlinks is irrelevant in rankings. You need to focus more on the quality of backlinks instead.

3, What factors determine the ranking of my site on SEO offpages?

You need to consider both onsite and offsite SEO. The ranking factors include domain age, page authority, domain authority, backlinks, content authority, among many others.

I suggest you refer to our free lessons here for reference on how to build a website in affiliate marketing:
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Always useful content pays for itself, but again it all starts with keyword research.

1.Here is how it works to promote products while you are still writing content (even though making money should be at the same place if you want traffic from SEO because it takes time, otherwise you should get out and just buy the traffic):

a.Starting with my website, I created a recommendations pages where I just show case what I am recommending with short descriptions so that when I write content I can push people intelligently to that page and they probably should choose whatever they like to go to checkout.Actually, I wanted to say you can also do the same.But again in the future, I will write reviews to go in depth.

b.Start by writing product reviews and then after write content that will promote them.
But again it all starts by traffic you can think less about making money in the beginning while you still will make it in long run.

2.In my opinion the reasonable amount of backlinks is the one you are able to acquire as long as you are not spamming (and of course the relevant backlinks you have, the better), because it doesn't mean that you will have traffic only when you have backlinks, no, but, by having very useful content will set you where you will be able to get backlinks than useless content.

3.When it comes to SEO it becomes harder to explain in few words but it all begins with keyword research, I just have another recommendation about that if you could private message me.

Finally, good luck with your affiliate journey.
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I think there's no magic formula of how many backlinks you need to post everyday. It depends on the quality of your website, your keywords, your competitors, your contents,...and many other onpage factors. However you should try to focus on quality instead of quantity, I think so.

Good luck to you,
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Yes, fresh and updated content must.
There are no specific numbering for backlinks. Backlinks help to get rank your website. more backlinks give your more traffic.
Keyword optimization, Meta tags, image optimization, content submission, guest posting in high PR site etc helps you in SEO to your website.
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I think it is very much obvious answer. Content is the KING, it is not just important, it is EVERYTHING. Without content is like blind dart, it might get you results temporary but eventually when dust settles down, it will be not a good view. So, if you have the content then only anything else is going to help you!
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Hello guys, a lot of useful information about the site building can be read in the articles on this site.
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