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website thumbnail?

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website thumbnail?

Hi guys how can i create a website thumbnail that is not looks like distort or compressed.. im using dreamweaver for creating websites.. please advice.
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mark schaaf
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I am not sure who dreamweaver works but on the web editor I use if I have a big picture I have to re size it in a photo editing program before I put in on the web page I am working on. What happens on my editor is it is trying to smash a big picture into a little box and it looks goofy. I think my program tells me I need to re size the picture when I first put it into a little box. Not sure if that is where your problem is but it is something to think about.
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Thats correct Mark, dropping in a large image (say 640x480) and displaying it at 120x58px (or whatever) will distort the image. You will need to resize the image first in a graphics application, such as Photoshop (if you have the money) or GIMP (if you decide opensource software is for you), then upload the resized image and insert into your page
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Whichever option you choose, make sure you have the box to keep the aspect ratio to keep the image from stretching or compressing one way and not another.
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Using an image editor, like GIMP as what essexboyracer suggested, will automatically adjust the pixels making the final result undistorted. I also found a site that creates a thumbnail of your website without using any image editor, you might want to try it : Thumbalizr

It's free to use the last time I checked it.

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Hi there,

Perhaps this might help you on creating website thumbnails for free. There are many thumbnail generators you can choose from right there, and they are easy to use as well.
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