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website review

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website review

Taken a lot longer than I thought to get it up and running and still a few things to fine tune but appreciate any feedback on my website prior to finalising and promoting
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The site looks like it has plenty of information on dating, but it is eclipsed by the large amount of ads on the site. The ads go first before the content and so a user has to scroll down before they see content.

I suggest you balance it. Keep the ads to the sidebar and move the content up so people will see both when they get on to your website.

Hope that helps. All the best!
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First of, good job!
Creating a site is a lot of work and you have a considerable number of articles.

I agree with everything Cecille said and would like to add:

- Consider using a popup which grays out the rest of the page for your email submission box
- Use a thumbnail for your video which clearly tells visitors why they should watch it
- As long as you don't have any comments on your articles consider hiding the comment count on the home page as it doesn't look very good
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