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website review please?

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website review please?

Could the "experts" look at this site and let me know how to get it "out" there please?

I'm new here too so all helps would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Aidan (Murray).
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The only thing that I do not like about it are those 2 boxes being different sizes. The Amazon one and the News box above it. I like your colors and everything else though.
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hi.overall the site is looking good, for what little you have done. however you need a lot of work if you expect it to make any money.

you open saying this is the best place to shop. OK. WHY? whats unique or sets you apart from 10000 other sites saying the exact same claim?

you have this short text and then sell sell sell. you need content. you have the ads on the page, get rid of the extra ones in the sidebar. my first thought with everything that i see is all you care about is sticking your fingers in my wallet. you dont want to help me you just want my money. Everything you do should look at what a potential customer will see when they see your site.

I agree with the above, both boxes need to be the same size. it throws off the look of the site.

Who is your target audience, and what do they need? if you try to market everyone, you will miss everyone. you might accidentally make one or two sales, but you will not have a business that works long term. you need to look at the trainiing videos on choosing a niche, and market research.

whatever you decide to do, you dont just throw ads up and expect to make sales. you need quality articles that will engage people and help them see the value of the products. you need to show that you are there to help them. Give people a reason to trust you. You are not there to sell products. as an affiliate your job is to recommend products.

choose a name for your site, and stick to it. don't use your full url every time. so, rather than :
"At, our mission is to bring you the best values..."

make it :

"At Murraymint, our mission is to bring you the best values..."

personally i would get a domain that is like rather than using the subdomain for this site. unless you have something on the main domain highly targeted. tried searching the main and get no results found.

Now, all that being said, you made a huge step that many never do. you have a site up and online. Congratulations. now, just focus the site more, and work on making it better.
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Sorry, I dont get your site at all.

Why news on a shopping site?
Why is what you are selling is below the fold?
What do you sell? everything? how are you gonna get traffic?

Dude, sorry if I sound harsh but you need some training. Affilio Blue Print perhaps. Plenty of free training here too.

Stay with it and it will all work out.
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JC Dean

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