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Website Layout & Ad Placement

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Website Layout & Ad Placement

Hi All,

I just read this PDF about the layout of sites and the best place to put ads/calls to action on it ... e-heatmap/

It is a very interesting read and seems to be honestly written. I could sum it up by saying 2 column sites are better than 3 column sites. And placing the sidebar on the left is better than having it on the right.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience of what is discussed in this document? I'd be interested to know as a LOT of sites I see (including mine up to 10minutes ago) has the sidebar on the right.

I've just put our sidebar on the left so I'll see if it makes any difference to signups.

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I got to review this a couple of weeks ago. Michael Campbell is an awesome marketer and someone who I pay very close attention to.

What he outlines are very good guides to follow in general. But you may get different results in different markets, the only real way to test you own Website is to build a lot of traffic and test out various layouts. But overall these generalizations work.

I still like the sidebar on the right and have found it works well for me with in conversion. I include an opt-in box or an affiliate ad right under the header and above the content. This is a sizzling hot spot as can be seen on the heatmap. This territory on your Website should not be wasted with anything that is not important or irrelevant to your site.This primary real estate needs a powerful offer to be placed their to maximize conversions.

Thanks for providing the link for this report I am sure a lot of members will get a lot out of reading this.

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Thanks so much, Phil, for letting us know about this report! I'm gonna check it out and see if there's anything to report back on. Di
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Well personally I feel that having the sidebars on the right makes your website feels like a 'blog', since thats where most of the sidebars lie for most wordpress themes.

For static sites though, I always wondered why people would choose to place the sidebars on the sides, it doesnt grab as much attention as it would have been on the right.

And the 3 column template is sure right, personally I find such templates pretty irritating (what I want to read is taken up by ads and other stuff on half on the page).. but maybe its just me.
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Thanks Phil. I found this very interesting.

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