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Website building program for Mac

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Website building program for Mac


Can anyone recommend an inexpensive website building program for Mac? Any opinions on RapidWeaver would also be appreciated.

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I just searched Google and found these. ( $20 a mth )

There will be other builders out there like this but you have to pay the monthly fee.
I personally do not like this option as I don't have full control over my website or server.

also, you can use xsitepro on a Mac.. you just need to run a Parallel ..some info here.. ... t=parallel

As for dedicated stand alone programs..
The only one I could find while doing a quick search was

Google will be your best friend for searching out web builders that are solely for a Mac.

Another option would be to have a site built for you and you can update it.
Or, ( If financially viable ) get a cheap desktop PC. Second hand is fine.

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Thanks Troy! I'll look into these options and RapidWeaver too.

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I'm not familiar with Rapidweaver but some Affiloblueprint members use it. I've also read positive reviews on Coda. Unfortunately, we don't have lessons for Rapidweaver and Coda and would not be able to give you support in case you encounter problems using these programs.

You can use WordPress to build your site (it's free!). You may install WordPress on your Mac with MAMP (Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) but you need to download it from the MAMP website. For more detailed instructions, please click here.
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