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Web Designing Tools

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Web Designing Tools

You don’t need to rely on Adobe or Microsoft software to create a fantastic website as there are lots of free and open source products which can do the job without cost.

Ideas: GIMP, Inkscape, Dia, FileZilla, IcoFX, Audacity, Paint.NET, Scribus, Eclipse, Skype, KeePass, Xenu Link Sleuth, Tweetdeck, FoxIt Reader and Notepad++ are great free products for designers. For more great open source products, read the article called 30 Useful Open Source Apps for Web Designers.

Finding a good selection of checklists and cheat sheets can give the fledgling designer some quick, easy places to get advice on how best to approach a task. and purchase some basic web hosting.

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Sure, free applications are good when your budget is strictly limited.

And yet do professionals chose to pay their hard-earned money for professional products for no reason? Of course not. They chose the best products on the market and are willing to pay a fair price (price fairness is a matter of opinion of course) for those industry standard products.

What do they get in return? A few things would likely be:
* A bigger community for online help
* More plugins and extensions
* A large community of 3rd party supporting products
* Many more free and paid tutorials
* Better technical support.

My recommendation is to move up to the best applications when you can afford to do so. If the best is free, that's great - but it's not always true.

Your time is valuable, so is producing the very best results you are capable of. Freebies may be capable of those things. Remember the "Reality Triangle of Business"

Also, keep in mind that Adobe offers a full powered 30 day trial of all their products. Some other vendors do the same. In 30 days of free use, you might earn enough to pay for the product.

Hope this helps...
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Few web designing tools..
1.Fire Works
3.Panic Coda
5.Fire Bug
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web designing tools available are:

Tools that cost:
1.Coda 2
2.Diet Coda
3.Dreamweaver CS6

Tools that are free:
1.Photoshop Grids
2.The Golden Grid
3.Spiffing CSS
5.gzipWTF beta
7.Nmap 6

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We design our custom e-commerce websites using Dreameweaver and Photoshop etc are for custom logos, pictures designing
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If you have the skills use geany, notepad++ or something similar. IDEs like dreamweaver make messy code that can be a real nightmare to hand edit. With how fast new versions of browsers are coming out, those IDEs are perpetually out of date.

You don't want to be stuck waiting for a software update so you can update the site when a new version of one of the big browsers comes out.

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