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Want to Design Banners for my site - Recommended Software?

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Want to Design Banners for my site - Recommended Software?

Hi All,
Am looking to design some banners for my website, could anybody recommend a good program that will help me do this :?: Many thanks to anybody who takes the time to reply.....
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While I can't direct you to "the best" design software as it's so subjective, I can tell you that I use the CorelDraw Suite which allows me to do everything I need to do with graphics, banners and headers. You can get it for around $250.

A FREE graphics alternative is Gimp, I tried it out for a group project I was working on and it worked great.

Here's a tutorial for making an animated banner with Gimp.

Oh and Affiliorama member Papabear generously gave us some great templates and banners to use in this thread - thanks again PB :)

Hope that helps,
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I found adobe photoshop cs a neat tool for web design.
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Another alternative you might want to consider is have them done for you. I have downloaded a half dozen animated gif programs and if you want anyhting half decent there is going to be a learning curve. I found a really good and inexpensive designer, I got 5 different sized animated banners for $80 and they are extremely professional. Here is the link if you are interested, they have package deals also.

Good Luck
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