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Using Clickbank and Content Egg Pro

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Using Clickbank and Content Egg Pro

Have hired someone to design my affiliate website. He has installed the Rewise theme into my Wordpress, and now he says that we must install another plug in “Content Egg Pro” in order for me to promote Clickbank products. Says that is the only option if I want to promote products on Clinkbank. Is this true??
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Hi Haley,

Not true. Unless you plan to use the features that this plug in offers, which can really make your life easier in terms of adding content with product reviews and comparison. But you can promote any affiliate product without the need to use this plugin.
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I assume there are tons more plugins if you want to promote clickbank products, as well as a lot more plugins for amazon products in case you will just change your mind or something like that. You can promote anything without any plugins and moreover I suggest you to do so, they have some things which may break some of site TOS or so.
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