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Uploading third-party theme to Affilojetpack-hosted site

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Uploading third-party theme to Affilojetpack-hosted site

Hi All,

Is there anyone else that went with another wordpress theme instead of affilotheme that's included with affilojetpack?

I'm new to affiliate marketing and decided to purchase affilojetpack hoping it would save me a ton of time, although didn't realize it would still take some time to get everything ready to launch the new niche website.

I have all my content ready, but I was not 100% happy with the affilotheme so I decided to investment in a theme that like the best (very picky about style and presentation).

I'm not sure if I made a mistake with potential issues with going with another theme since I have to do some more tinkering as a result.

Well I have an ISSUE right now and hoping someone can help. I cannot upload the theme i purchased since it's over 20MB so I need to either have the host server increase the capability or upload via FTP. I tried following the instructions to log in..has it worked for everyone? What is the user name and password that you use? Is it the wordpress admin log in?

Also, what are the reconfiguring that is required you installed the new theme? Is it a lot of work?

I hope there is someone that can help me.

Thank you!
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Anthony, you need to write to the support team. I once purchased the thrive plugin and tried to install but it failed because the file size was too big.

So the support team helped me install it on my site.
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Hi Anthony,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the theme, I wish I could help but I'm just in the early stages of considering whether to purchase the blueprint or go down the affilojetpack route.

Are you happy with the content you recieved through the affilojetpack? In your view does it provide good content?

Hope you don't mind me asking this question.

I hope you gain some support with your theme.

Kindest Regards

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Hi Anthony,

Affilojetpack Lite Hosting does not have access to an FTP or control panel. You can upload a custom theme, but the maximum upload in Wordpress is only 8MB.

If you are keen to use the custom theme, you need to move the site to a full, regular webhost like Premium Hosting or HostGator.

All the best!
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