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Trouble with building website

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Trouble with building website

Does the premium subscription actually build a website for you if you are having lots of trouble doing it yourself?
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You will need to outsource your Website building if you are having trouble, but it is worth sticking with it and completing one Website yourself at least once (more is better) before you start to outsource your projects.

Affilorama can help provide details on how to outsource but them will not actually build you a Website.
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Hi Dwayne,
It also depends on if you want to build your site with xsitepro, wordpress or standard html coding. is good for outsourcing or some of the members here can do it for you but it will still cost money either way.
Mark's Blueprint course takes you through building a website for yourself with xsitepro or wordpress.
That is another option.
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I am a premium member and one reason I elected that option was that it offers me free website hosting with Affilohost. Once you have set up your hosting, which is fairly easy, you get, inside your Affilohost control panel, a website builder which you can use.

So, no, premium membership won't build you a website but the web builder is quite a nice tool to have and very user friendly once you have the hang of it. Much like a "Microsoft Word" interface. I was a complete newbie when I built my first website using the web builder and now on my second one.

Check it out. I'm still learning but you can pretty much do what you want once you have found your way around the web builder.

Hope this helps
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dwaynetbone wrote:Does the premium subscription actually build a website for you if you are having lots of trouble doing it yourself?

No, sorry :( Affilorama is a training portal on building affiliate sites. We provide lessons, tools and support but we don't build our members' websites.

Is there anything I can help you with?
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Premium membership not only lets you access the affiliate marketing lessons and tools. It also comes with a web hosting account with 2 Gigabyte worth of online space and allows you to host up to 15 independent websites. And most of all, it has a built in installer script (similar to C-Panel's Fantastico) for installing WordPress. WordPress is the most widely-used blogging platform and IMHO, is one of the the most user-friendly and SEO friendly web development tool.
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