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I need some advice,
Do you think my website is up to scratch in regards to turning traffic into affiliate sales?
Do the products I have to offer on the site, i.e.... click bank and Amazon products appeal to potential customers?
How do I turn traffic into sales? I have pushed 500 people through with "media traffic" and was unable to convert even $1.
What can you guys suggest?
kind regards,
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Hi shaddzz,

Quick question for you....what is the gravity of your products in Clickbank? I couldn't find it...sorry...but I checked similar products in clickbank, and most of the quit smoking products are low gravity, which means that not too many people are interested in buying digital products on this topic....that could be the reason why you can't convert traffic into sales....people could be viewing your website for information, but not really with the intent to buy something....I suggest you try to look into other products which have proven to be more saleable if you are looking to convert your traffic into sales....
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one of the things I see, is your content tells people they dont need patches or gums or any of that, yet you have ads for them in your footer. killing your own business that way.

personally, I think your biggest problem is that you need more, and better content.

design, and images and all that is distracting. tone it down. make it readable to people.

also, what is your site about? quit smoking or legalizing weed? decide, and focus on it. you have a bunch of scattered info.

also, lose the religious jargon. it made me want to run away fast. an affiliate site is not the place for that. Now, if you are building a religious based site, then that may be okay, but I don't see anything in your keywords that tells me this is.

none of your sideabar adds from clickbank have anything to do with quit smoking, and your content does nothing to tie those adds into yiour site.

Being a smoker interested in quitting, I got to say, I get no value from your site. you dont tell me ANYTHING that isnt common knowledge, and you don't do anything to motivate me to quit. you just give me a bunch of political and religious jargon that turns me off.

You have to talk to your target customer with every article on your site. motivate them, encourage them, connect with them emotionally, and help them to make the right decision. you cannot just order them to quit and expect people to buy.

those are just a few things I see with your site. good luck

(although this seems harsh and critical, I mean it with the best of intent. I know a lot of people making money in the Quit smoking niche. If you do it right, you can do really well.)
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mark schaaf
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I like the layout of your site but for me I have a real difficult time reading white print on a black background and if I were looking for a stop smoking product and came upon your site I would probably just click out. but like I said that is just me. you could try changing your colors and do a test to see what happens. I have changed colors on one of my sites and it made a difference. Mark
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