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Thesis theme for WordPress feedback

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Thesis theme for WordPress feedback

Hi,I am planning on buying the thesis theme for wp as I have heard so many good things about it.What do you guys think of thesis as far as conversion rates are concerned?
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There are some great sites around like Copyblogger who make good use of the Thesis theme to make great looking, flexible WordPress sites but to make money you dont need it.

Having said that a stylish site that looks professional will definitely convert better than a cheap looking site that has been thrown together in a hurry so dont underestimate the importance of a website that looks fantastic. I think Thesis is easy to change too.
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Thesis is becoming used more and more often by big name bloggers, I just bought it the other day to see what all the fuss was about and let me tell you it's pretty darn good. Takes a little bit of studying the tutorials and playing around with it but after you get the hang of it you will experience true blogging love :)
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Thesis is used by Chris Brogan (one of the most popular blogger). Chris Pearson is the creator of Thesis a really good artist/developer. I did my website in less than an hour without coding (simple/elegant look) check it out at
Before you activate it in WP very important that you follow the tutorial on how to install thesis. Their support team are the best by far.
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I'm using Thesis 1.6 on my main site with wp 3.0. But I'm avoiding upgrading Thesis to 1.7 (See the DIY theme support forum for reasons why.)

Although Thesis is very flexible, it's buggy. Many owners who don't have the technical understanding of hooks and such have problems, especially with plugin compatibility and making design changes.

If you're not willing to spend time keeping up-to-date on the forum, I'd avoid the theme.
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