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Software to send out bulk emails

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Software to send out bulk emails

Does anyone have a registered software to send out bulk emails? It will be helpful to send out a huge number of opt in mails in my list.

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I think an autoresponder like Aweber should be able to help you with sending out bulk emails. You can try looking for other email marketing software in Google. I ran a search and found Elite Email and many more.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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You need an Email Service Provider (ESP) I currently use Australian based Campaign Monitor to send bulk email. They charge either on a Pay as you go or a monthly contract basis. I moved to them after using Yesmail for a couple of years, the cost of Yesmail was, at the time, about £1,000 / mo for 100,000 emails - way too expensive. I can get the same with CM for about $55 / mo!

I cant sing the praises of Campaign Monitor enough, They do bulk emailing the correct way and offer up an API for integration and tons of list management features.

DO note that they are hot on spammers, so if you cannot show them that the emails on your list have been gained legitimately then they won't let you send.

I have also used Groupmail, but this was years ago and was so much more hassle than a web based service. Check for more info.
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You can try Bulk Mailer. It allows you to send bulk email just in few minutes. With Bulk Mailer, you can easily manage mailing lists for your subscribers, create high personalized HTML messages and newsletters and send them in just few minutes.

Hope that helps.
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Hi, to send bulk emails, I highly recommend thisBulk Email Program. The Bulk Email Program is a fast and easy email marketing tool for company, e-zine publishers, and indeviduals to send mass emails for subscribe info, communicating or promoting products.
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If you’re having dedicated server then its really great to use a software that will really work for you. As you can see there are many companies in the market how supports Bulk emailing. But some of them are really serious about their business and don't won't to lose customers how pay them. As the customer as always seeking the best Bulk email service in the market, they always need what they pay for. I personally had tried many software’s in the market but never found a software where I could find all the services under one roof. At last now I'm at a point where I can find every feature and service which I need under one roof such as " Mail From Name Rotation, IP rotation, Domain rotation, Exporting of the Reports, Import contact list is really fast" these are some of the feature that I mostly use and like them very much. Therefor I will recommend you to use "Imailunlimited" their software is amazing and SMTPs, Domains, IPs are dedicated (I have never found them shared).

Thank you.
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usman shahzad
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Hello there!

I have tried many companies for bulk emailing and I would like to share my experience with you guys. There are many companies that can be found on internet who provide free stuff such as SMTPs IP and domain rotation and software for bulk emailing. Most of company has limits to send emails some company has hours limits and some companies has emails limit such as 2500 emails. But after some time I realize that my emails not hitting the inbox but spam. Then I purchase these services and I fund that the 20% of emails are hitting the inbox. After spending so much time and money. Its because they provide me the blacklists IPs and I never found dedicated service.Well the only way to keep relation with you customers/users is only to email them and let them know what is
now happening on your website. Mostly people use email marketing as it the best way to keep in touch.

After spend money and time I found "Imailsunlimited" they provide me dedicated service they provide dedicated SMTPs with clear IPs, domain rotation. First I tried trail version and they guide me each and every thing about their software.
I'm personally using "Imailunlimited" and always have found them helpful to run campaign and the best of all part is that whenever my list not clean they also provide service for cleaning up my list "Cleanmyemaillist" I would highly recommend them as the best I could find within the email marketing.

Thanks for the paid attention to my post.
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