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Should I update WordPress?

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Should I update WordPress?

When I log into my wordpress account it tells me " WordPress 2.8.4 is available! Please update now"
Has anyone done this recently I am a bit nervous as it says to back up my site. This all is a bit confusing to me
It also has a update automatic option. so any suggestions would be appreciated
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Hi Don,
This may help you.

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You should backup your site on a regular basis anyway (in case your host loses your site or you get hacked) so thats not too much of an issue - there are many WordPress plugins that can automate the backup process.

Upgrading WP is generally recommended as often updates are done to protect site owners from new security threats, however there is also a slight chance that an update could render some of your plugins or themes unusable. This is why if you have a full backup of your site you could return to a previous version.
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Special features like new software functions or security updates come with WordPress updgrades. Just make sure to back up your site and deactivate your plugins before starting the upgrade. A comprehensive guide in backing up your files is provided by WordPress. Your visitors will not be able to access your site during the upgrade process so it would be best to do it during off peak hours.
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I think you may find this link useful, ... og-easily/
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