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Sales copy review site

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Sales copy review site

Hi guys,

I wanted to know your thoughts on a new review website layout i have been thinking about.
maybe some of you have done this before and tested it.

My thoughs are building a review site but structure the reviews like a salls copy and just add in the rating,pro,cons so it would still be a actual review.

My reason,
when i launched my first (ever) site on oct. 11, 2007 i had no more than 8 articles and (at that time) only 1 product review
the review page was structured like a sales page (you know the page is a mile long and filled with all the benefits of the program & a order here button at the end) i got my first affiliate sale on oct. 13, 2007.
i was shocked at how quickly i made that sell. (using ppc at the time) witch means i had a good sales copy.

the website has sence been optimized/ranking for the kw's i was bidding on in ppc ( i no longer use ppc as much)

this idea was just floating around in my head does it sound like a possibe idea or should i let it go?

thanks, Nate
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Nate, you're not crazy. That really is a viable strategy for structuring your site. I've seen several successful review site set up like that - where it essentially pre-sells three or so products, comparing and rating each one. From a visitor's perspective it's nice because then they don't feel like they're just being sold on one product but rather are getting a through review of multiple products. Experiment with the length - whether or not a full out super long sales page for each or three smaller reviews works better.

Good luck!

P.S. That's awesome that you're so good a writing copy. What a good skill!
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I think that idea has merit. I have seen a few sites (if you can call them that) that only has a sales page with all product info in there and a buy button at the bottom. I think if you target the right keywords and get that sales page ranking, you can make some pretty good sales.
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In addition to what Cecille said, these sites stealthily tip the scales in favor of the affiliate product that is going to bring them the most profit.

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